I'm a fifth year astronomy graduate student at Caltech working with Shri Kulkarni on Robo-AO, a robotic laser guide star adaptive optics system at the Kitt Peak 2.1-m telescope. I'm interested in novel techniques for high contrast imaging and adaptive optics systems.


Robo-AO Commissioning and Science

Robo-AO is a robotic laser guide star adaptive optics instrument on the Kitt Peak 2.1-m telescope. Observing every clear night through 2018, Robo-AO at Kitt Peak is the first dedicated adaptive optics observatory. Since commissioning in the winter of 2015, I’ve been developing imaging processing pipelines and characterizing the instrument’s performance. I’m also studying the origins of stellar angular momentum by resolving hundreds of Pleiades and Praesepe binaries with Robo-AO and relating their separations to K2’s photometrically determined rotation periods.

Exoplanet Polarimetry in the Near-IR

Scattering by grains in the atmospheres of cloudy, self-luminous exoplanets induces the polarization of thermally emitted radiation in the near-infrared. Detecting these polarization signatures may shed light on the details of cloud physics that have proven challenging to constrain via the planets' spectra. I'm currently searching for polarized radiation from known PMCs using GPI and SPHERE.

Externally Dispersed Interferometry

Achieving the 10cm/s radial velocity precision required to detect Earth-Sun analogs has been hampered by instrumental noise sources. Lock-in amplified externally dispersed interferometry is a method for decoupling wavelength calibration errors from radial velocity measurements, enabling the detection of 10cm/s signals in a single night on existing medium-sized telescopes.

CV and Publications

MSc Astrophysics, Caltech, 2014
BS Physics, MIT, 2012
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I have six refereed papers, three in SPIE and two in IEEE Aerospace. Below I list my first author papers. For a complete list of publications, see NASA ADS here.

Selected Publications

Jensen-Clem, R.; Millar-Blanchaer, M; Mawet, D; Graham, J. R. et al. 2016, ApJ, 820, 111J, "Point Source Polarimetry with the Gemini Planet Imager: Sensitivity Characterization with T5.5 Dwarf Companion HD 19467 B"

Jensen-Clem, R.; Muirhead, P. S.; Bottom, M.; Wallace, J. K.; Vasisht, G.; Johnson, J. A. 2015, PASP, 127, 1105J. "Attaining Doppler Precision of 10 cm/s with a Lock-in Amplified Spectrometer"

Jensen-Clem, R.; Wallace, J. K.; Serabyn, E. 2012, IEEE Aerospace Conference, Big Sky, MT, pp. 1-7. "Characterization of the phase-shifting Zernike wavefront sensor for telescope applications"

Contact Me

rmjc (at) astro (dot) caltech (dot) edu

MC 249-17
1200 East California Blvd.
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