I'm a NuSTAR post-doc working with Prof. Fiona Harrison at Caltech. My work focusses on studying neutron stars and other compact objects through high-energy X-rays (using NuSTAR) in conjunction with optical and NIR observations from the Keck Observatory.

I recently finished my doctoral work on adaptive optics instrumentation and science at Caltech working with Prof. Shrinivas Kulkarni . Using the laser guide star adaptive optics (LGS-AO) system at Keck for high-resolution imaging, I conducted a NIR survey of magnetar kinematics. We were able to more than double the sample of known magnetar proper motions and estimate the kinematic ages of magnetars for the first time. Over a baseline of five years and thirty to fifty stars, we achieved a precision of better than 0.7 mas/year.

I also worked on the Robo-AO project led by Dr. Christoph Baranec. We have developed an inexpensive robotic AO system for 1-2 m class telescopes with a laser guide star facility. It is designed to work with very high efficiency in moving from target to target and will be an excellent tool for imaging surveys with small telescopes. We currently achieve an overhead time of less than a minute as compared to 5-15 minutes at AO systems on larger telescopes. With this, we have been able to observe between 140-150 targets each night this summer from the Palomar Observatory 60-inch telescope.

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My most recent CV can be found here. and a list of my publications through SAO/ADS

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