Kepler Data Set I

The five data sets given below were provided by Dr. Courtney Dressing. Notes: The files sent by Dr. Dressing are, as indicated by the name of the extension, "comma separated value" (csv) file. The first line describes the three columns: BKJD (Barycentric Kepler Julian Date; BKJD = BJD - 2454833), normalized flux, and renormalized error. These files are regular UNIX files (that is each line ends with "\n". [The file sent to be from Dressing were "windows" files and the lines end with "\cr\n".

Here is a little tool to convert windows to unix files (do not forget to "$ chmod a+x dos_unix" and invoke as "$ ./dos_unix filename").

$ cat dos_unix 

#Converts "windows" files to Unix files
#invoke as follows
#   unix_dos filename

tr -d '\r' < $1 > a.tmp
gcp -b a.tmp $1           #backup of original as $1~"