Graduate Students who are working towards their thesis.

Kunal Mooley, Fifth year, search for slow radio transients [Advised by G. Hallinan, D. A. Frail & SRK]
Adam Walszczak, Fourth Year student, NEOs and Main-belt Comets
Michael Bottom, Fourth Year Student (NASA Fellow), Charachterization of Extra-solar planets by coronagraphy [Advised by J. Johnson & SRK]
Yi Cao, Third year, Progenitors of Type I supernovae, High Cadence Transients & M31
Rebecca Jensen-Clem, Second year, Optical high contrast imaging (energy resolved detectors & VV coronagraphy)

Postdoctoral Scholars

Sarah Burke Spolaor (2013-), Postdoctoral Fellow, Fast Radio Bursts & Binary Nuclear Black Holes
Eric Bellm(2011-), Postdoctoral Fellow (NuSTAR, ZTF Project Scientist) [co-mentor: F. Harrison, Physics, Caltech]
Daniel Perley(2011-), Hubble Fellow (GRBs, cosmological galaxies)
Sumin Tang(2012-), Postdoctoral Fellow (Galactic Variables, The Great Andromeda Nebula) [co-mentors T. Prince & L. Bildsten, KITP, UCSB]