Galex Acronyms
ACRONYM Definition
ACS Attitude Control System
ATS Absolute Time Sequence
AGN Active Galactic Nuclei
BFA Back Focal Assembly
CRP Count Rate Protection
DIB Data Interface Box
DCE Detector Control Electronics?
DPU (Instrument) Data Processing Unit
CCR Configuration Change Request
EE Encircled Energy
ELV Expendable Launch Vehicle
EPO Education and Public Outreach
FEE Front End Electronics
FSW Flight software
FUV Far Ultraviolet detector (1300-1750 Angstroms)
GALEX Galaxy Evolution Explorer
GROW Grism and Optical Wheel
HK House Keeping (data)
HVPS High Voltage Power Supply
KSC Kennedy Space Center
LVPC Low Voltage Power Converter
ICD Interface Control Document
IOC In-Orbit Checkout
MCP Microchannel Plate
MOC Mission Operations Center
MOS Margin of Safety
MPS Mission Planning Set? Software?
MSH Mechanism Sensor Heater
NUV Near Ultraviolet detector (1750-3000 Angstroms)
OOL Out Of Limit
OW Optical Wheel
PA Passive Analog (thermistor temperature)
PHA Pulse Height Analyzer
PSF Point Spread Function
PTAG Photon Tag (to deliminate raw photon data)
QDE Quantum Detector Efficiency
RTS Relative Time Sequence
SAA South Atlantic (Magnetic) Anomaly
SC SpaceCraft
SDSS Sloan Digital Sky Survey
SOC Science Operations Center
SODA Science Operations and Data Analysis
SSR Solid State Recorder (non-volatile memory on spacecraft)
TBD To Be Determined
TDC Time to Digital Converter (part of FEE detector electronics)
TLM Telemetry
VC Virtual Contact? (VC18=spacecraft and VC32=instrument)
WCS World Coordinate System (FITS CRVAL1,CDELT2,CROTA2,etc.)
WTA Wax Thermal Acutator