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Grism S/N: Measured vs. Model
GALEX State of Grism Reductions
QA for CDFS_00 (tile number 06051)
Raymond's QA Page
Tile and Eclipse Summary Tables (AAS meeting Atlanta January 2004: Preliminary GALEX Spectrocopic Results)
test image
Slides 04sep03
Slides 26sep03
Tom's GALEX Documentation
Tom's GALEX Standard Star Page
data report
GALEX Ground Calibration Data Tables
GALEX Ground Calibration Test Analyses
GALEX deuterium spectra and various stars
July 2001
Show Multiple Order Equivalent Areas versus Offset (not final calibration)
Synthetic Stars: Relative Counts versus Offset
FUV / NUV flux rate ratios for synthetic stars
(GIF) Grism field, NUV, 300 stars, 1000 seconds, multiple orders.
Computer speed tests for "galexspac".
Keck HIRES Reductions for June 1996 (Chris Martin).
Picture 1 of Galex-- October 2001 (JPEG).
Picture 2 of Galex-- October 2001 (JPEG).
Picture 3 of Galex-- October 2001 (JPEG).