MAKEE: Installation

The makee "tar" package contains the programs "makee", "makeepipe", "esipipe", and a number of other support programs. It also contains reference files such as the database of calibrated arclamp spectra used to do wavelength calibration. You will need both C and FORTRAN compilers, as well as the PGPLOT graphics subroutine library in order to install these programs.

These programs are designed and tested on Sun (UltraSparc) machines running Solaris. As of October 2000, it is now designed to run also on PC/Linux systems with "g77" and "gcc".

g77 and gcc can also be used on Sun systems, but remember to also install your PGPLOT libraries with g77 and gcc.

The (latest) package (about 40 MB) can be downloaded from Keck ( Keck site makee-oct00.tar.gz ), or on the alternate MAKEE site at Caltech via ftp ( Caltech site makee-oct00.tar.gz ), or ( UCSD site makee-apr01.tar.gz ).

NOTICE: The old version (December 1998) contained a "Y2K" error with respect to the new 4-digit year in the DATE-OBS header card. This error may result in an incorrect heliocentric velocity correction for year 2000 or late 1999 observations. The new version (October 2000) fixes this bug, as well as containing some minor improvements. For example, it is now possible to use "bracketting" arc lamps. If you have an arclamp taken before and after your object, makee will generate an "averaged" wavelength scale. This is important for night-sky-line-deficent UV cross disperser observations. (TAB - 20Mar00)

This gzip'ed tar file will unpack into into the directory tree "./makee/...". You should see the following subdirectories:

In ./makee/ there is a brief installation guide called "0.README". Please also see "0.WhatsNew" and "0.ESI.Comments" for recent changes and news about makee. Also see "0.programs" for a brief description of all the available programs.

You will need to edit either "OptionsSun" or "OptionsLinux" (depending on your machine). You may need to edit to the "PGLIB" parameter in this file to specify the location of the PGPLOT libraries. You may also need to change "GCC" and "G77" depending on whether you have "g77" or "f77" installed ("g77" is now recommended). Please note that your PGPLOT libraries should be compiled with the same compilers (i.e. g77/gcc f77/gcc, etc.) otherwise you may have problems.

After installation, each user should have the environment variable MAKEE_DIR set to the full pathname of the location of the ./makee/ directory. They should also have the ./bin/ subdirectory added to their path:

set path = ( $path $MAKEE_DIR/bin )

A Note About Memory Space

Memory has been allocated for raw images no larger than 4100 by 2240 pixels. This should be ok if your machine has at least 100 MB of RAM. If you are only using HIRES (not ESI) or you are binning your images you can reduce this memory allocation by editing the file "./makee/" and changing the "maxpix" parameter. (You must fully re-compile if you change this value later.)

C Maximum number of pixels in full RAW HIRES image.
      integer*4 maxpix
C     parameter(maxpix=4800000)  ! 2190x2190  (Keck HIRES)
                                 !                 (4 x 4.7 = 19 MB, real*4)
                                 !                 (2 x 19  = 38 MB)
      parameter(maxpix=9184000)  ! 4100x2240  (Keck ESI)
                                 !                  (9 x 4 = 36 MB)
                                 !                  (2 x 36= 72 MB)