Makee: FITS Header Cards

The FITS header of the output spectrum files contain all the header cards of the original raw FITS images plus many new FITS header cards giving information on the reduction parameters and results. Also, the cards (OBSERVER and OBJECT) may be modified on request.

The following is a list of new makee header cards added (with example values
and brief descriptions.):

   (These are the electrons per DN and readout noise (e-) values used by makee.)
EPERDN  =   2.450000047684E+00
RONOISE =   6.000000000000E+00

   (Arcseconds per pixel in the dispersion direction.)
ARCSPPIX=   2.900000000000E-01
ASPP_DSP=   2.900000000000E-01

   (Arcseconds per pixel in the spatial direction.)
ASPP_SPA=   3.800000000000E-01

   (Right ascension and Declination in epoch 1950.)
RA1950  = ' 22:16:06.8'
DEC1950 = '-19:48:42.4'

   (Right ascension and Declination in epoch 2000.)
RA2000  = ' 22:18:51.9'
DEC2000 = '-19:33:58.5'

   (Universal time at beginning of exposure.)
TIME    = '04:56:15.09'

   (CCD identifier copied from DETECTOR card.)
CCDID   = 'Tek 2048E LRIS Eng grade device'

   (Column and row number of first data value.)
CRVAL1  =                   23
CRVAL2  =                    1

   (Change in column and row number with each data value.)
CDELT1  =                    1
CDELT2  =                    1

   (Data value number which CRVAL1 and CRVAL2 refer to, always 1.)
CRPIX1  =                    1
CRPIX2  =                    1

   (Latitude and longitude at Keck.)
LATITUDE=   1.982610000000E+01
LONGITUD=   1.554722000000E+02

   (Slit size (or width) in arcseconds.)
SLITSIZE=   8.610000000000E-01

   (Slit length (or height) in arcseconds, appeared as SLITWIDT in old makee.)
SLITLENG=   7.000000000000E+00

   (Shutter status, derived from DARKCLOS and DARKOPEN cards.)

   (Reduction status.)

   (Baseline-Interpolate-Window status, 1=yes, this had been done.)
BIW     =                    1

   (Echelle extraction program version number and date.)
EE_VERSN= '2.0.1 : December 1998'

   (Reduction date.)
EE_RDATE= 'Tue Nov  9 23:12:53 1999'

   (Mask file (bad column map) filename used.)
EE_MASKF= '/sol/apps/makee/makee///MaskFile_1x2.dat'

   (See $MAKEE_DIR/makee.param file for descriptions of some of the following.)
EE_PORDR=                    4   (EETO_PolyOrder)
EE_OFRAC=   9.800000190735E-01   (EEFO_ObjectFraction)
EE_POFFS=                    3   (EEFO_PolyOffset)
EE_CMPNS=   1.000000000000E+00   (EEFB_Compensate)
EE_OLCMP=   1.500000000000E+00   (EEFB_OverlapCompensate)
PSE_MODE=                    1   (extraction mode) 
PSE_SSPC=   1.500000000000E+00   (PSE_SkySpacer)
PSE_SMIN=   1.000000014901E-01   (PSE_SkyMin)
PSE_SORD=                   -1   (PSE_SkyOrder)
PSE_SCSF=                    F   (PSE_SingleColumnSkyFit)
PSE_SRLO=   5.500000000000E+00   (PSE_SkyRejLimOne)
PSE_SRLS=   2.000000000000E+00   (PSE_SkyRejLimSat)
PSE_PINC=   2.000000029802E-01   (PSEO_ProfInc)
PSE_PSLP=   1.000000014901E-01   (PSEO_ProfIncSlop)
PSE_PMBX=   1.200000000000E+01   (PSEOM_ProfMdnBox)
PSE_PORD=                   -1   (PSE_ProOrder)
PSE_PRJL=   4.000000000000E+00   (PSEOM_ProRejLim)
PSE_ORJL=   5.000000000000E+00   (PSEOM_ObjRejLim)
PSE_ORLB=   1.000000000000E+01   (PSEOM_ObjRejLimBig)
PSE_ORLS=   2.200000047684E+00   (PSEOM_ObjRejLimSat)

   (Object raw image filename.)
OBJFILE = 'raw/hires0022.fits'

   (Star or trace raw image filename.)
STARFILE= 'raw/hires0026.fits'

   (Flat field raw or summed image filename.)
FLATFILE= 'flat_0019.fits'

   (ThAr arc file raw image filename.)
ARCFILE0= 'raw/hires0023.fits'

   (Bias image filename.)
BIASFILE= '/sol/apps/makee/makee///Bias1D_1x2.fits'

   (Name of flat field used.)
EE_FLAT = 'flat_0019.fits: <19+20>             Obs=  19 XDA=-0.638 ECA=-0.260'

   (Name of trace star used.)
EE_STAR== 'raw/hires0026.: BD+284211           Obs=  26 XDA=-0.638 ECA=-0.260'

   (Polynomial coeffecients describing echelle order trace fits offset
    to the object center: row = func(column).  There are two cards per order
    and the first value is the number of coeffecients (order+1). )
CO_0_01 = '  5.000000000E+00  1.460889669E+00  8.540804575E-03  1.151131086E-06'
CO_4_01 = ' -9.891236418E-10  1.850312809E-13  0.000000000E+00  0.000000000E+00'
CO_0_02 = '  5.000000000E+00  1.738661053E+01  9.442567703E-03 -1.276166568E-07'
CO_4_02 = ' -2.090357328E-10  2.608402739E-14  0.000000000E+00  0.000000000E+00'
CO_0_03 = '  5.000000000E+00  3.384767496E+01  9.387365345E-03  1.624467481E-08'
CO_4_03 = ' -2.837957528E-10  4.629000391E-14  0.000000000E+00  0.000000000E+00'

  (Data type, usually 32 bit floating point.)

  (Sky shift applied to wavelength scale in pixels.)
SKYSHIFT=  -4.720943242710E-02

  (Wavelength scale coeffecients: see  wavelength scales .)
WV_0_01 = '  3.642234864E+03  2.749019798E-02 -8.092529873E-07  1.360953447E-10'
WV_4_01 = ' -1.636536283E-13  6.829904568E-17 -1.091740112E-20  0.000000000E+00'
WV_0_02 = '  3.680171431E+03  2.777132009E-02 -7.702217516E-07  1.181579525E-11'
WV_4_02 = ' -3.271528335E-14  8.948015754E-18 -1.214127951E-21  0.000000000E+00'

  (Note on air to vacuum wavelength scale correction.)
VACUUM  = 'Air to vacuum correction applied.'

  (Note on heliocentric velocity wavelength scale correction.)
HELIOCNT= 'Heliocentric correction applied.'

  (Heliocentric velocity applied in km/s.)
HELIOVEL=  -2.261695283113E+01

ARCFILE = 'Arc-023.fits'     (Arclamp spectrum filename.)
FILENAME= 'Flux-022.fits'    (Object spectrum filename.)

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