MAKEE: Command Syntax and User's Guide

You can get a brief description of the syntax and options for makee by typing the command without any arguments (syntax for makee) .

Basic syntax for either HIRES or ESI data reductions:

   makee (object file) (star file) (flat file) [arc file] [2nd arc file]

There are three required parameters to "makee":

  1. Raw FITS filename for the "object".
  2. Raw FITS filename for a "trace star".
  3. Raw FITS filename for a "flat field".

If you want a wavelength calibrated spectrum you must also specify:

Note that only 1x1 and 1x2 (only 1x1 for ESI) binnings can be wavelength calibrated at the present time (November 2000).

You can also specify a short dark (or bias frame) using the "bias=" option, although it is not required.

If you do not specify a short dark, an archival short dark will be used (usually adequate) for binnings of 1x1, 1x2, and 2x2 (column x row) (only 1x1 for ESI).

For HIRES, all these FITS files must have (nearly) the same echelle angle and cross disperser angle (except for the short dark image), within a tolerance of 0.02 units (note) .

For ESI, all the FITS files should have the same slit width, however this is not required. It is probably most important to match the slit widths of the object and flat field, different widths for the trace star and arc lamp should not have a significant effect.

For more details on the input files, see "Input Files" . For more details on the output files, see "Output Files" . For an example reduction using makee, see "ESI Cookbook" or "HIRES Cookbook" .

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