P48 Operations Page (past schedule)

All dates below are Pacific Time, e.g. observing for the night of 07/24/2013 would occur on 07/25/2013 (UT).

iPTF P48 Observing Periods (August 2013 and beyond)


The division of time for the P48 is 80% iPTF and 20% Caltech. Currently, the 80% of iPTF time is (nominally) divided between 50% Transient Sources (Extragalactic SNe), 10% Variable Sources (Galactic+), 15% (Hα), and 5% Other (GRB ToOs, etc.).

Since the 20% Caltech time is almost all Galactic targets, this gives a 50/30/20 split between Extragalactic/Galactic/Other. Since the Hα nights are exclusively iPTF, this means that the split for broadband nights would be 59/35/6 for Extragalactic/Galactic/Other. The nightly and weekly fractions will vary in order to optimize the schedule based on target position and Moon location. Breakdown by nights per lunation .

Observing periods are divided into narrowband filter (Hα and Hα_offset) runs and broadband filter (R and g') runs. The 2013B Caltech Palomar semester begins August 1, 2013 and ends January 31, 2014.

Full Moon: 8/20, 9/19, 10/18, 11/16
New Moon: 9/5, 10/4, 11/2

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Last modified: 17 September 2013