CBI Construction Photographs

[image] Installing the base of the CBI mount, including the azimuth bearing, on the Caltech campus (1997 December 1).

[image] The CBI mount. The ribs of the retractable dome, not yet completed, are visible around the mount (1998 January 26).

[image] Installing the bearing for the ``optical bench.'' This large bearing can be tipped in elevation, and allows the optical bench to be rotated about the line of sight to the region of sky being studied (1998 January 26).

[image] Installing the platform on its rotation bearing. The platform is a rigid space frame and serves as an ``optical bench'' on which the antennas and their associated electronics can be mounted (1998 January 26).

[image] The frame of the dome has been completed, and it is covered with a temporary tarpaulin to protect the telescope from El Niņo (1998 February 15).

[image] Installing the fabric cover on the dome (1998 April 14; photo STM).

[image] The telescope structure within the dome. No antennas have been installed yet (1998 June 10).

[image] Night-time observations with the CBI, using the optical telescope (at right) to measure star positions and calibrate the pointing. Three antennas are mounted on the rotating platform within their shield cans (1998 September 15).