Colorwriter 6320 Plotter

Supported device
Gould (now Bryans) Colourwriter 6320 or any device obeying Gould Plotter Language.
Device type code
Default device name
$PLOTTER1 (a logical name).
Default view surface dimensions
280 mm by 360 mm (A3).
0.025 mm.
Color capability
Up to 10 pens. Default is pen 1 which is picked up on initialization without a call to PGSCI. Calls to PGSCI are interpreted as the pen number and colors therefore depend on how the pens have been loaded into the stalls. If a call is made for a pen higher than 10 the selected pen defaults to 1.
Input capability
Possible but not supported.
File format
Ascii character strings. It is possible to send the data to a file which can then be copied to the plotter or on a terminal.
Len Pointon (Jodrell Bank), 1988.