GOC (Sigma) Terminal

Supported device
Sigma, T5670 terminal.
Device type code
Default file name
TT (logical name, usually equivalent to the logged in terminal).
Default view surface dimensions
38 cm display.
The full view surface is 768 by 512 pixels.
Color capability
Color indices 0 (erase) and 1 are supported.
Input capability
Cursor is a cross-hair and can be moved using the joystick or the cursor keys to the left of the keyboard. Terminate cursor motion and send the cursor position to the program by typing any printable character on the keyboard.
File format
It is not possible to send GOC plots to a disk file.
Obtaining hardcopy
A hardcopy of the plot may be obtained using a Tektronix hardcopy unit attached to the terminal.
Allyn F. Tennant, 1986.