DEC Sixel Printers (LA50)

Supported device
DEC LA50 printer; may also work on LA100 or LN03.
Device type code
Default device name
Default view surface dimensions
9.5 in (horizontal) by 6 in (vertical).
72 (x) by 144 (y) pixels/inch.
Color capability
Color indices 0 (erase, white) and 1 (black) are supported. It is not possible to change color representation.
Input capability
File format
Variable-length records, with list carriage-control, maximum 80 bytes.
Obtaining hardcopy
If the LA50 is connected to the user's VT2xx or VT3xx terminal then the printer can be accessed by sending the file directly to the terminal: use PGPLOT device TT:/LA50 or DEFINE PGPLOT_LA50 TT: (be sure to do a SET TERM/FORM if page spacing is important). If the LA50 is attached to a different terminal port, e.g., TXZ99:, which preferably has been set spooled, use PGPLOT device TXZ99:/LA50 or DEFINE PGPLOT_LA50 TXZ99:.
B. H. Toby, 1988.