MS-DOS machines running Lahey F77 32-bit FORTRAN

This PGPLOT driver is for IBM PC's and clones running MS-DOS and Lahey F77 32-bit Fortran v5.0. The driver will put the display into graphics mode, and calls to `close' the workstation (PGEND) will set it back into the previous mode (generally erasing the display, so don't do it until you are really finished).

This routine must be compiled and linked with the Lahey graphics library GRAPH3 supplied with Lahey Fortran v4.0 or greater.

Supported device
IBM PC's and compatibles.
Device type code
Default device name
None (the device name, if specified, is ignored).
Default view surface dimensions
Depends on monitor, typically 7x10 inches.
Depends on graphics card. Tested with a 640x480 VGA card. Driver should work with other graphics cards.
Color capability
Color indices 0-15 are accepted. The PGPLOT color indices are mapped into the IBM color indices for with the default color most closely corresponds to the PGPLOT default color. Thus, PGPLOT index 2 (red) maps to IBM index 12 (light red).
Input capability
Graphics cursor implemented using Microsoft Mouse or compatible, accessed through DOS calls.
File format