Canon LaserShot printer (LIPS2/2+)

Supported device
Canon LaserShot (LIPS2/2+). Conforms to ISO646, 2022, 2375 and 6429 specifications. VDM (graphics) conforms to proposed American National Standard VDM mode.
Device type code
/LIPS2 (landscape), /VLIPS2 (portrait).
Default file name
Default view surface dimensions
23 cm by 18 cm (landcsape), 18 cm by 23 cm (portrait).
240 pixels per inch in both directions.
Color capability
Color indices 0 (erase) and 1 (black) are supported. Note: hardware polygon fill is used and colors 0-11 control the fill pattern.
Input capability
File format
Variable length text records.
Obtaining hardcopy
Use lpr (unix) or print (dos) command.
M. Hamabe, 1994.