MS-DOS Machines

Supported device
IBM PCs and compatibles running Microsoft Fortran 5.0. This driver will put the display into graphics mode. To avoid `erasing' the screen when the program exits, the display will be left in graphics mode. Therefore, you will need some other program to restore to the display to a (faster) text mode.
Device type code
Default device name
none (the device name, if specified, is ignored).
Default view surface dimensions
depends on monitor, typical 7 x 10 inches.
Depends on graphics card. Tested with a 640 x 300 EGA card. Driver should work with other graphics cards, however, expect to tweak it a bit.
Color capability
Color indices 0--15 are accepted. This version maps the PGPLOT color indices into the IBM color indices with the default color most closely corresponds to the PGPLOT default color. Thus, PGPLOT index 2 (red) maps to IBM index 12 (light red).
Input capability
A. F. Tennant.