NeXT Workstations

Supported device
Any computer running NeXTstep.
Device type code
Default device name
Default view surface dimensions
The default screen size is 720 by 535 pixels (about 8 by 6 inches on a 19 inch monitor). The aspect ratio was selected to match the /PS device. The window can be resized larger or smaller.
The screen resolution is 92 dpi. The driver generates PostScript commands with a resolution 10 times greater than the screen resolution. This allows the window to be resized and/or a hardcopy to be made with no loss of resolution.
Color capability
On all devices, color indices 0-15 are supported. The default colors are 0 is white, 1 is black, 14 is light gray, 15 dark gray. On monochrome devices, color indices 2-13 default to black. If the driver detects a color server, then color indices 0-255 are allowed and color indices 2-13 default to the standard PGPLOT colors.
Input capability
The PGPLOT cursor is supported. When a cursor read is requested the the viewer becomes the active application and the active plot window becomes the key window. This allows the user to terminate the cursor read by either a mouse click (which generates an 'A' character) or by pressing a key on the keyboard.
File format
By using the print command, in the main menu, you can send the contents of the current window to a file. This file can then be printed on any PostScript printer.
Obtaining hardcopy
If you click on the print item in the main menu, then the standard NeXT print panel comes up. This allows the contents of the current window to be sent to a printer, disk file or previewer.
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