QUIC Printers

Supported device
Any printer that accepts the QUIC page description language (QMS and Talaris 800/1200/1500/2400). 4-bit mode is used.
Device type code
/QMS (landscape orientation); /VQMS (portrait orientation).
Default file name
Default view surface dimensions
10.25 inches horizontal by 7.75 inches vertical (landscape mode); 7.75 inches vertical by 10.25 inches horizontal (portrait mode); margins of 0.5 inches on top and left of page.
The driver uses coordinate increments of 1/1000 inch. The true resolution is device-dependent; it is typically 300 dots per inch.
Color capability
Color indices 0 (erase), and 1 (black) are supported. Requests for other color indices are converted to 1. It is not possible to change color representation.
Input capability
File format
ASCII text, variable length records (max 130 bytes).
Obtaining hardcopy
(VMS) PRINT/QUEUE=QMS file.type (site-dependent).
P. P. Murphy, 1987.