Tektronix-4014 Disk File

Supported device
disk file which may be printable on a Tektronix-compatible device. This driver uses the extended (12-bit) addressing of the Tektronix-4014. (This driver is for VMS systems; on Unix systems the regular Tektronix driver (/TEK) can produce a disk file.)
Device type code
Default device name
Default view surface dimension
Depends on printer; nominally 400 pixels/inch giving 10.24 in (horizontal) x 7.80 in (vertical).
The coordinate system used for Tektronix emulation is 4096 x 3120 pixels.
Color capability
Only color index 1 is supported. Primitives drawn in `erase' mode (color index 0) are ignored (not erased). It is not possible to change color representation.
Input capability
File format
Binary, variable length records (maximum 1024 bytes); no carriage-control attribute.
Obtaining hardcopy
depends on the available printer. Note: the file cannot easily be displayed on a Tektronix-compatible terminal because it contains control characters which may be interpreted by the operating system. The terminal must be set to PASSALL mode before the file can be displayed.
T. J. Pearson, 1987; Darvid R. Chang, 1995.