X Window Dump

X Window dump files can be displayed on X Window workstations using the xwud utility and converted to a printable form using the xpr utility. These utilities are available in most X Window installations.

The X Window system can produce dump files in a variety of formats. PGPLOT uses an image format of ``ZPixmap'' with 8 bits per pixel.

Device type code
/WD (landscape orientation), /VWD (portrait orientation).
Default file name
An X Window dump file can contain only a single image, so for multi-page plots PGPLOT creates additional files. If the supplied file name contains the character #, the file name is derived by replacing this character with the current page number. If the supplied file name does not contain a #, PGPLOT appends an underscore and the page number for the second and subsequent pages, e.g.,
   PGBEG file name:	File names used:
    pgplot#.xwd          pgplot1.xwd, pgplot2.xwd, pgplot3.xwd, ...
    pgplot.xwd           pgplot.xwd, pgplot.xwd_2, pgplot.xwd_3, ...
Default view surface dimensions
/WD: 850 by 680 pixels (nominally 10.0 by 8.0 inches)
/VWD: 680 by 850 pixels (nominally 8.0 by 10.0 inches)
These defaults can be overridden by specifying environment variables, or by calling routine PGPAP. The maximum size is limited only by available memory.
PGPLOT assumes that the device resolution is 85 pixels/inch, but the actual resolution will vary depending on the display device.
Color capability
Color indices 0--255 are accepted, with standard defaults for color indices 0--15. If the color representation of a color index is changed, it affects all pixels drawn in that color on the current page.
Input capability
Environment variables
PGPLOT_WD_WIDTH : width of image in pixels (default 850)
PGPLOT_WD_HEIGHT : height of image in pixels (default 680)
File format
X Window Dump files are binary files.
Scott Allendorf, 1995.