VMS Workstations Running VWS software

Supported device
This driver should work with all VAX/VMS workstations running VWS software; it requires the UISSHR shareable image provided by DEC.
Device type code
Default device name
PGPLOT. Output is always directed to device SYS$WORKSTATION; the ``device name'' provided by the user is used to label the PGPLOT window.
Default view surface dimensions
Depends on monitor. PGPLOT uses a window which is nominally 11 inches wide by 8.5 inches tall, i.e., the same size as you would get in a hardcopy. If you prefer a vertical orientation, execute the following command before running the program:
Substitute LANDSCAPE for PORTRAIT to revert to horizontal orientation.
Depends on monitor.
Color capability
VAX workstations can have 1, 4, or 8 bitplanes. On 1-plane devices, there are only two colors (background = white, color index 1 = black). On 4-plane devices, color indices 0--11 are available (4 indices are reserved for text windows and pointers). On 8-plane systems, color indices 0--249 are available (6 indices are reserved for text windows and pointers).
Input capability
The cursor is controlled by the mouse or the keypad available on the controlling (DEC-like) keyboard. The user positions the cursor, and then types any key on the controlling keyboard. The mouse buttons are ignored (at present).
S. C. Allendorf, 1990.