Supported device
Zeta 8 Digital Plotter.
Device type code
Default file name
Default view surface dimensions
11 inches by 11 inches. Current version does not allow larger plots although the manual indicates plots up to 144 feet are possible.
This version is written for the case where the resolution switch is set to 0.025 mm. Actual resolution depends on thickness of pen tip.
Color capability
Color indices 1 to 8 are supported corresponding to pens 1--8. It is not possible to erase lines.
Input capability
File format
Variable length records.
Obtaining hardcopy
On Starlink print the file on the queue associated with the Zeta plotter. If the Plotter is attached to a terminal line, then TYPEing the file at the terminal will produce a plot. On Starlink:
To stop a Zeta plot job, once it has been started, use the buttons on the plotter. Press PAUSE, NEXT PLOT and CLEAR. Only after this sequence is it safe to delete the job from the ZETA Queue. Failing to press the NEXT PLOT button will not correctly advance the paper. Failing to press CLEAR but, deleteing the current job can prevent the following plot from being plotted.
Allyn F. Tennant, 1986.