I'm a final-year Ph.D. student in Astrophysics working with Prof. Chuck Steidel at Caltech. My research is centered on the environments of hyperluminous quasars at redshifts 2 < z < 3. In particular, I am seeking to determine the kinds of environments conducive to the formation and growth of the most luminous quasars (ie. the effect of the environment on the quasar) and the state of galaxy formation and the intergalactic medium in the local regions of the universe surrounding these quasars (ie. the effect of the quasar on its environment). Exciting stuff!

How luminous is hyperluminous? What on Earth (or rather, not on Earth) is a redshift? Why should you offer me a post-doctoral fellowship? (Thanks, Miller Institute!) Find answers to these questions (and more!) on my Research page!