Tommaso Treu's Homepage

Hi, welcome to my homepage!

I am currently a Post Doctoral Scholar in Astronomy.
I was previously a physics Ph.D. student at the Scuola Normale Superiore  and
at the Space Telescope Science Institute .

If you want to know more  about me, this is my  CV and publication list (in pdf format).

If you want to talk to me, this is my  e-mail .
Or, if you are in Pasdena and you want to see me, I am in room 214,
Robinson Building (ext 4004) at the:

California Institute of Technology
1200 E California Blvd
Astronomy 105-24
91125 Pasadena CA
PHONE: +1 626 395 4004
FAX: +1 626 568 9352


I am interested in observational cosmology, in particular galaxy formation.
Currently, my main projects are concerned with:

1)Formation and evolution of early-type galaxies.
2)The role of galaxy clusters in galaxy evolution. A project that is taking most of my time is an unprecedented
wide-field survey of the distant cluster CL0024 using HST (with Richard Ellis).
3)The distribution of dark matter in galaxies and cluster of galaxies, via the study of the kinematics of
gravitational lens galaxies and galaxy clusters with giant gravitational arcs. In particular, take a look at the Lenses Structure and Dynamics (LSD) Survey I am conducting with Leon Koopmans.

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