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Joaquin Vieira: Photographs


Pole, and such

Obligatory headshot at Pole (South Pole, c. 2006):

Dragging the primary mirror. That's me sitting on back. Steve Padin in front. (South Pole, c. 2006):

Attaching the SPT primary to the telescope mount. Steve Padin, JV, Tim Hughes. (South Pole, c. 2006):

Me and the telescope. (South Pole, c. 2006):

Hero shot after SPT was assembled (South Pole, c. 2006):

Weather at Pole. (South Pole, c. 2006):

Good times in Texas, test building the SPT. Steve Padin, Tom Crawford, JV. (Kilgore, TX, c. 2006):


Cerro Tololo, Chile (Chile, c. 2009):

SOAR Telescope and Orion, Chile (Chile, c. 2009):


Owens Valley by day (OVRO, c. 2010):

CARMA and Milky Way (OVRO, c. 2010):

CARMA at dusk (OVRO, c. 2010):

Me and Dan (OVRO, c. 2010):

CARMA and Noah (OVRO, c. 2013):

BIMA, retired down in the valley (OVRO, c. 2015):

Mauna Kea

Keck at night (Mauna Kea, c. 2010):

CSO (Mauna Kea, c. 2010):

Self portrait in the primary of Keck I (Mauna Kea, c. 2012):

Above the clouds (Mauna Kea, c. 2012):

Sunset (Mauna Kea, c. 2012):


Atacama sunset (Atacama, c. 2010):

Deploying Z-Spec on APEX (Atacama, c. 2010):

APEX at night (Atacama, c. 2010):

Milky Way from 5000m (Atacama, c. 2010):

First ALMA dishes, Chile (Atacama, c. 2010):

Senor Burro patrols the ALMA road (Atacama, c. 2010):

Self portrait with stars and dust (Atacama, c. 2011):

How we roll (Atacama, c. 2011):

Somewhere North of ALMA (Atacama, c. 2012):

Senor Vicugna patrols the ALMA road (Atacama, c. 2012):

Way above ALMA (Atacama, c. 2012):


Hale 200 inch with Milky Way and light Pollution (Palomar, c. 2012):

Hale 200 inch, with person for scale, and some light writing (Palomar, c. 2012):


Lightning on the Caribbean (Caye Ambergris, Belize c. 2013):

Sunset on the Caribbean (Caye Ambergris, Belize c. 2013):

Lunar eclipse from the backyard (Champaign, Illinois c. 2015):

Bike Fetish

1984 (Japanese Miyata) Specialized Expedition on a 100 mile ride to the hills (Chino Hills State Park, c. 2012):

2000's Hungarian Morati titanium cyclocross turned kiddie hauler a.k.a. Noah's Bike (Costa Mesa, c. 2013):

Dutch WorkCycles Kr8 a.k.a. The Big Bike (Champaign, c. 2015):

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