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Astronomy Tea Talks at Caltech

Mondays, Hameetman auditorium (Cahill)
Tea:  4.00pm
Talk: 4.15pm

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2010 - 2011 season:
13 December 2010 Javiera Guedes (UCSC)

'Massive Black Hole Recoil'

The ring down and coalescence of a black hole binary produce a strong gravitational wave signal. Asymmetries in this emission, caused by dissimilar black hole masses or spins, can produce beamed gravitational wave discharge, which carries away linear momentum. As a consequence, the remnant black hole recoils in the opposite direction with a velocity ranging from 100 < v < 4000 km/s. Large recoil velocities may have significant consequences in the co-evolution of galaxies and their central massive black holes (MBH). In cases where the recoil velocity is lower than the escape speed, the MBH will undergo damped oscillations and eventually return back to the center of the potential.

In this talk, I will discuss the detectability of recoiling MBHs as off-nuclear AGN and review the implications of recoiling MBHs in the context of hierarchical structure formation.
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