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Astronomy Tea Talks at Caltech

Mondays, Robinson 106
Tea:  4.00pm
Talk: 4.15pm

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2007 - 2008 season:
14 April 2008 Misty Bentz (U.C. Irvine)

"The Radius-Luminosity Relationship: New results from reverberation mapping and HST imaging"

To date, the black hole masses of 36 active galaxies have been measured
using the variability technique known as reverberation mapping. Several
scaling relationships based on the measurements derived from
reverberation mapping are known to exist, in particular the
radius-luminosity relationship, which is widely used as the basis for
black hole mass estimates from single-epoch spectra. I will discuss
several recent and ongoing studies that focus both on refining the
radius-luminosity relationship as well as extending its coverage to
lower and higher luminosities.
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