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Astronomy Tea Talks at Caltech

Mondays, Robinson 106
Tea:  4.00pm
Talk: 4.15pm

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2008 - 2009 season:
15 December 2008 Andreas Pawlik (Leiden Observatory)

"TRAPHIC - radiative transfer for large hydrodynamical simulation of cosmic reionization"

Reionization, the change in the ionization state of the initially
predominantly neutral intergalactic hydrogen, is an important
milestone in the history of our Universe. It ended the dark ages and
marked the beginning of a phase of vivid galaxy formation that has
lasted until today.

Radiative transfer simulations coupled to detailed hydrodynamical
models of the Universe are one of the most promising techniques to
study reionization. Simulating reionization is a demanding numerical
task that requires the radiation-hydrodynamical modeling of large
representative volumes of the Universe at very high
resolution. TRAPHIC is a radiative transfer method for use with
smoothed particle hydrodynamics simulations that has been specifically
designed for application in this computationally challenging regime.

I will present TRAPHIC and show first results of its performance in
reionization simulations. I will indicate future directions in the
development and application of TRAPHIC. I will emphasize the
importance of performing reionization simulations that include the
thermal feedback from reionization heating.

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