January 2000:
January 17 No talk scheduled
January 24 Dieter E.A. Nuernberger (Astronomisches Institut, Univ. Wuerzburg)
"NGC 3603: The Galactic's Densest OB Cluster and Its Adjacent GMC --- Evidence for Triggered Star Formation!?
January 31 Jennifer Johnson (OCIW)
"Heavy Metal Abundances in Metal Poor Stars"

February 2000:
February 7 Ralf Launhardt (Caltech)
"Large-Scale Properties of the Nuclear Bulge of the Milky Way"
February 14 Joel E. Tohline (LSU)
"Fission as a Mechanism for Forming Binary Stars"
February 21 Presidents' Day
Caltech Holiday
February 28 Joseph Mohr (University of Chicago)
"Galaxy Cluster Evolution and Cosmology"

March 2000:
March 2
(Thursday - 12:15pm)
Saleem Zaroubi (MPA)
"Power Spectrum Analysis from Cosmic Flows"
March 6 Kris Stanek (CFA/Harvard)
"Fixing the Lower Rungs of the Cosmological Distance Ladder"
March 13 Karl Gebhardt (UCSC)
"Central Black Holes and Galaxy Evolution"
March 20 Christopher Matzner (CITA)
"Modeling Bipolar Outflows as Agents of Feedback in Low-Mass Star and Star Cluster Formation"
March 27 Titus Galama (Caltech)
"Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows"

April 2000:
April 3 James Larkin (UCLA)
"Exploring the Structure of Distant Galaxies with Adaptive Optics"
April 10 Volker Bromm (Yale University)
"The Very First Stars in the Universe: Population III and its Legacy"
April 17 David Buote (UCSC)
"X-Rays, Metal Enrichment, and Star Formation in Galaxies, Groups, and Clusters"
April 24 Sheng-Yuan Liu (Caltech)
"Complex Molecules in Hot Molecular Cores"

May 2000:
May 1 No talk scheduled
May 8 Pat Hartigan (Rice University)
"Momentum Transfer in Stellar Jets"
May 10 (Wednesday)
Patrick Ogle (MIT)
"Chandra X-ray Spectra of Active Galaxies"
May 15 Marco Salvati (Arcetri)
"Obscuring Matter Around Active Galactic Nuclei"
May 22 Tom Murphy (Caltech)
"Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies and Their Place in Merger History"
May 29 Memorial Day - no talk scheduled

July 2000:
July 7 (Friday)
4:00 pm
Room 106, Robinson
Chip Kobulnicky (Univ. of Wisconsin)
"The Evolution of the Chemical and Dynamical Properties of Galaxies at z ~ 3"
July 10 (Monday)
Wayne Barkhouse (University of Toronto)
"Dwarf Galaxies in Nearby Clusters"
July 11 (Tuesday)
12 noon
Room 106, Robinson
Sebastian Wolf (Thuringien State Observatory)
"Aligned Disks of Young Binary Stars"

October 2000:
October 2
David Lee (Anglo-Australian Observatory) & Gordon Robertson (Sydney University) 
"SPIRAL and ATLAS; Pioneering New Techniques on Old Telescopes"
October 9
John Monnier (CfA)
"Interferometry with a Keck Telescope"
October 12 (Thurs.)
12 noon
Room 106, Robinson
Nahum Arav (UC Berkeley)
"The First Realistic Determination of Abundances in Quasar Outflows"
October 16
Scott Chapman (OCIW)
"The Nature of the Luminous Sub-Millimeter Sources at High Redshift (...Are They Lyman Break Galaxies or Optically Faint Radio Sources?)"
October 23
No talk scheduled
October 30
Henry McCracken (MRS)
"Galaxy Clustering Evolution in the Canada-France Deep Fields Survey"

November 2000:
November 6
No talk scheduled
November 13
No talk scheduled
November 20
Andrew Cumming (U.C. Berkeley)
"Coherent Oscillations During Type I X-Ray Bursts: Measuring Spins of Accreting Neutron Stars"
November 27
Peter Jonker (Univ. of Amsterdam)
"The Third kHz QPO in the X-ray Emission of Three Neutron Stars; Sign of General Relativistic Effects?"

December 2000:
December 4
Myungshin Im (UCSC)
"Evolution of Field Early-Type Galaxies out to z=1: Results from DEEP"
December 11
John O'Meara (UCSD)
"Observations of the Primordial D/H Ratio Towards QSOs"
December 18
No talk scheduled.

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