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Astronomy Tea Talks at Caltech

Room 106 Robinson (Ground Floor) -- Mondays, 4:15 pm -- Tea at 4 pm

Organized by: Chris Conselice  ( 626-395-3293 /  cc@astro.caltech.edu )
Carmen Sanchez-Contreras     ( 626-395- 2121 /  sanchez@astro.caltech.edu   

2002 - 2003 Season:
September 16
Matthew Bailes (Swinburne)
"The Impact of a Dedicated Supercomputer on High Precision Pulsar Timing and Searching"
September 30
Jean-Paul Kneib (Observatoire Midi-Pyrenees)
"The Most Massive Clusters in the Universe"
October 7
Michael Rich (UCLA)
"Black Holes in Globular Clusters"
October 10
(12:15 Thursday)
Ken Rines (Harvard/CfA)
"The Infall Regions of Nearby Galaxy Clusters"
October 14
Geoff Marcy (CANCELLED)
October 21
Chad Trujillo (Caltech)
"The Brightest Kuiper Belt Objects and the Discovery of `Quaoar'"
October 28
Marc Sarzi (Oxford)
"Results from SUNNS, the Survey of Nearby Nuclei with STIS"
November 4
Pieter van Dokkum (Caltech)
"Spectroscopic confirmation of a population of luminous galaxies with evolved stellar populations at z~3"
November 11
Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz (Cambridge)
"Intrinsic Timescales and Energetics of Gamma-ray Burst Triggers"
November 12 (Tue, 4:15, 023 Rob)
Ben Oppenheimer (AMNH)
"Toward Imaging Exoplanets: the Lyot Project"
November 18
Scott Chapman (Caltech)
"A Spectroscopic Survey of SCUBA Galaxies"
November 25
Russel White (Caltech)
"The Formation of Very Low Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs"
December 2
Avishay Gal-Yam (Tel-Aviv)
"Supernovae in Galaxy Cluster Fields"
December 5 (noon)
Phil Marshall (Cambridge)
"Combining Lensing and SZ data to Reconstruct the Mass Distributions of Clusters"
December 9
Franz Bauer (Penn State University)
"Results from the Chandra Deep Field North"
December 16
Andrea Ghez (UCLA) (CANCELLED)
January 13
Nicole Homeier (ESO, UW-Madison)
"Discovery of Embedded Stellar Clusters in the Giant Radio HII Region W49A"
January 21 (Tuesday)
Mike Muno (MIT)
"Two Thousand X-ray Stars at the Galactic Center"
January 27
Joeri van Leeuwen (Utrecht)
"Probing the nulling and subpulse-drifting mechanisms in radio pulsars"
February 3
Ricardo P. Schiavon (Santa Cruz)
"Ages and Metal Abundances of Nearby and Distant Stellar Populations"
February 17
President's Day
No Talk
February 24
Maciej Konacki (Caltech)
"OGLE-TR-56b: The first detection of an extra-solar planet identified via photometry" (30 min)
Shri Kulkarni (Caltech)
"EPICS: Search and Studies of Extra-solar planets with SIM" (15 min)
March 3
Sebastien Ouellete (Caltech)
"L-VIS is alive! - A new Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrograph at Palomar: BYOSC (Bring Your Own Science Case) for full-field spectroscopy at a selectable resolution from 1 to 10,000"
March 10
Eduardo Martin (IfA)
"Binarity among ultracool dwarfs"
March 17
Dimitar Sasselov (CfA)
"The Orbit of OGLE-TR-56b and Fast Tides"
March 24
March 31
April 7
April 14
Dave Latham (CfA)
"Companions Amongst the Oldest Stars"
April 21
Marshall Cohen (Caltech)
"101 Superluminal Sources"
April 28
Tommaso Treu (Caltech)
"The growth of a cluster in a hierarchical universe: the case study 0024 at z=0.39"
May 5
Graham Smith (Caltech)
"An HST Lensing Survey of X-ray Luminous Galaxy Clusters -- New Results and Future Plans"
May 12
Michael Blanton (NYU)
"Galaxy clustering and the galaxy power spectrum in the SDSS"
May 19
Charles McGruder (Western Kentucky University)
"Ultra-high Photometric Precision and the Search for Extrasolar Planets"
May 26
Memorial Day
No talk
June 2
June 9
Kartik Sheth (Caltech)
"Barred Spiral Galaxies at z > 0.7: NICMOS Deep Field Observations"
June 16
Andrew Benson (Caltech)
"Things I've learned at Caltech"

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