January 1999:
January 11 Elizabeth Barton (Harvard)
"Tidal Tails, Starbursts and Mergers"
January 18 Bob Rutledge (Caltech)
"Thermal X-ray Spectra of Transient Neutron Stars in Quiescence"
January 25 Henk Hoekstra (Kapteyn Institute)
"Weak Lensing: What One Can Do with HST Mosaics"

 February 1999:
February 1  Richard Ellis (IoA)
"Resolved Studies of Distant Galaxies: Addressing the Origin of the Hubble Sequence"
February 8  Kris Stanek (CfA)
"Fixing the Lower Rungs of the Cosmological Distance Ladder"

Ben Metcalf (Berkeley)
"The Gravitational Lensing of Supernovae and the Nature of Dark Matter"
February 15  Presidents' Day -- Caltech Holiday
February 22  Leonardo Testi (Caltech)
"Young (Proto-)Clusters: an Observational View of the Latest Trend in Star Formation"

 March 1999:
March 1 George Djorgovski and Re'em Sari (Caltech) 
"The optical afterglow, the redshift and the energetics of the super-bright GRB of 23 January 1999"
March 8 Ben Zuckerman (UCLA)
"Extraterrestrial Intelligence: Martian Micro-organisms, Carl Sagan, and the Keck Telescopes"
March 15  Tom Murphy (Caltech)
"Integral Field Spectroscopy at Palomar"
March 22 Rick Edelson (UCLA)
"Probing the Central Regions of Active Galaxies with X-ray Variability"
March 29 Todd Small (Caltech)
 "Large-Scale Structure and Galaxy Clustering from z = 0.2 to z = 0.5"

April 1999:
April 5  Ariyeh Maller (UCSC)
"Weighing Spiral Galaxies"
April 12 Christian Wolf (Max-Planck-Institute for Astronomy)
"Multicolour Classsification and Quasars in the Early Universe"
April 19 Eiichi Egami (Caltech)
"Probing a z~4 Hyperluminous IR Galaxy with a Gravitational Lens"
April 26 Jeremy Mould (Mt. Stromlo & Siding Spring Obs.)
"Implications of the H0 Key Project for Cosmology"

May 1999:
May 3 Ben Weiner (OCIW)
"Using Barred Galaxies to Probe the Structure of Dark Halos"
May 10 Shardha Jogee (Caltech)
"Molecular Dilemna: To Starburst Or Not To Starburst"
May 17 Bloom/Djorgovski/Kulkarni (Caltech)
"New Results in GRBs: Dusty Hosts, Hypernova and Jets"
May 24 No talk scheduled
May 31 Memorial Day

July 1999:
July 30 Peter Papadopoulos (Leiden)
"CO(4-3) and sub-mm Continuum from Two Powerful High-z Radio Galaxies; Evidence for Massive Mergers"

August 1999:
August 2 Lindsay King (MPA) 
"Cluster Mass Profiles from Weak Lensing: Shear vs. Magnification Information"
August 20 Alastair Edge (Durham) 
"Molecular Gas in Cooling Flows"

September 1999:

September 6 Labor Day: No talk scheduled.
September 13 Susan Stolovy (Caltech)
Blackening of the Black Sea: Footage of the August 11, 1999 Solar Eclipse"
September 20 No talk scheduled.
September 27 No talk scheduled.

 October 1999:
October 4 Daniel Reichart (Univ. of Chicago)
"GRBs as a Probe of the Very High Redshift Universe"
October 11 Columbus Day: No talk scheduled.
October 18 Kim Burtnyk (Australian National University)
"Cosmopolitics: Communicating Your Results to the Public Who Supports You"
October 25 Xiaohui Fan (Princeton)
"High-Redshift Quasars from SDSS"

November 1999:
November 1 Crystal Martin (Caltech)
"Evidence for Secondary Sources of Heating in the Warm Ionized Medium"
November 8 Talk postponed to November 15
November 15 Robert Brunner (Caltech)
"Science with a Virtual Observatory: The Digital Sky Project"
November 22 Fabian Walter (Caltech)
"The Violent Interstellar Medium of Dwarf Galaxies"
November 29 Pat Cote (Caltech)
"Evidence for the Hierarchical Formation of the Galactic Spheroid"

December 1999:
December 6 Daniel Kelson (CIW)
"Keck Observations of Galaxy Evolution: First Results of Absorption Line Strengths from z=0.33 to z=0.83"
December 13 Eva Schinnerer (Caltech)
"Bars and Warps Traced by the Molecular Gas in NGC 1068
December 20 Brian Mason (Caltech)
"An Improved Measurement of H0 from the SZE?"

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