Room 106 Robinson (Ground Floor) -- Mondays, 4:15 pm -- Tea at 4 pm

Organized by: Shardha Jogee     ( 626-395-6378 /    )
Gordon Squires   ( 626-395-3693 / )


Matthew Hunt, Mike Santos, and Bryan Jacoby 

All titles are subject to change.

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  • IR/Submm/Mm Sack Lunch Talks  (Tuesday, 12:15pm, Lauritsen 248).
  • UCLA Astrophysics Journal Club (Wednesday, 1pm, Room 8911 Math Sciences )
  • Carnegie Observatories colloquia (Tuesday, 4pm, OCIW Santa Barbara Street Lecture Hall).
  • IPAC lunch talks (Wednesday, 12:15pm, IPAC Conference Room 102).
  • Caltech Astronomy colloquia (Wednesday, 4pm, Rm 155 Arms; tea at 3:45 pm in the Robinson astrophysics library).
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  • Theoretical Astrophysics and Relativity Seminars (listings for various seminars).
  • Marcin Sawicki's weekly compilation of astro talks.

  • June - August 2000:   no regular talks scheduled (summer recess). However, please contact one of the organizers if you would like to give a talk, or if you have a collaborator visiting Caltech and would like to organize a special "summer tea-talk". Summer talks will be posted on this webpage so check back for updates. Regular Monday Tea Talks will resume in September/October.

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