TEA TALKS 2001-2002

June 2002:

June 03 Jay Salmonson 
"Kinematics of Gamma-ray Burst Lightcurves with Structured Jets"
June 10 Dave Sand (Caltech)
The mass density profile of the lensing cluster MS2137-23: 
Testing the Cold Dark Matter paradigm
June 24 Peter Norberg

May 2002:
May 6
Jack Welch (UC Berkeley) 
"The Allen Telescope Array"
May 13
Sandy Weinreb 
"High Frequency SKA"
*May 28* 
Note Special day
Scott Gaudi (IAS) 
"The Cult of Microlensing"

April 2002:
April 1
Namir Kassim (NRL) 
"Opening a New Window on the Universe with LOFAR"
April 8 Mike Gladders (OCIW) 
"The Red Sequence Cluster Survey"
April 15 Sara Seager 
"The EXPLORE Search for Transiting Extrasolar Planets" 
April 22 Hsiao-Wen Chen (OCIW) 
The Las Campanas Infrared Survey: The Photometric Redshift Survey  and The Galaxy Luminosity Function at z ~ 1"
April 29 Aaron Barth (Caltech) 
March 2002:
March 4 Neal Turner (University of Maryland) 
               "Energy Release in the Central Engines of AGN"
March 11 Solange Ramirez (Caltech) 
"Star to Star Variations"
March 25 Luminosity Functions of Galactic Disks and Spheorids from Quantitative Morphology

February 2002:
February 04
Wines: Italian Chianti  & a Robert Mondavi Coastal Chardonnay

Tommaso Treu (Caltech) 
"Determining the internal structure of E/S0 galaxies with the LSD"

February 11 Paul Martini (Carnegie) 
"Circumnuclear dust in active and nonactive galaxies: Implications for AGN fueling and their duty cycle"

February 18 Priya Natarajan (Yale) 
"Galaxy-galaxy lensing in clusters" 
February 25 Bill Holzapfel (University of California - Berkeley)

Jan 2002
Jan 28
Wines:  Australian Syrah & Clos Du Bois Chardonnay

Ali Kinkhabwala (Columbia) 
High-resolution X-ray Spectroscopy of AGN Outflows with XMM-Newton and Chandra

December 2001:
Dec 3
Marla Geha (Lick Observatories) 
"Internal Dynamics of Dwarf Elliptical Galaxies"
Dec 10 Hector Arce (Caltech) 
"The impact of giant stellar outflows on molecular clouds"
Dec 17 Marc Kuchner (CfA) 
"Disks, Planets, and the Keck Interferometer Nuller"

November 2001:
Nov 12 Neal Dalal (UCSD) 
Detection of CDM Substructure
Nov 19 Gijs Verdoes (Leiden) 
The Nuclei of Nearby Galaxies with HST
Niv 26 Andrew Benson (Caltech) 
Halo Occupation Distributions:What They Are And Why They're Useful

October 2001:
Oct 8
Kris Gorski (ESO) 
"Resolving microlenses with VLTI"
Oct 22
David Charbonneau 
"When Extrasolar Planets Transit Their Parent Stars"

June 2001:
June 4
Massimo Stiavelli (STScI) 
"The Stellar Populations of Lyman Alpha Emitting Galaxies at z = 2.4"
June 11
Jeremy Heyl (Harvard Observatory) 
"What can QED tell us about compact objects and vice versa"

May 2001:
May 7
No talk scheduled
May 14
Chuck Steidel (Caltech) 
"The Cosmic Web: The Connection Between Galaxies and the Intergalactic Medium at z ~ 3"
May 21
Crystal Martin (Caltech) 
"Galactic Winds: The View from FUSE and Chandra"
May 28
No talk scheduled - Memorial Day

April 2001:
April 2
Ajit Kembhavi ( IUCAA, Pune, India) 
"The Photometric Plane of Galaxies"
April 9
Douglas Finkbeiner (Berkeley) 
"Dust in Orion: Testing the SFD98 Reddening Map with SDSS"
April 16
Kartik Sheth (Caltech) 
"Star Formation in Bars"
April 23
No talk scheduled
April 30
Bob Rutledge (Caltech) 
"Transient Neutron Stars in Quiescence, Their Emission and Radii"

March 2001:
March 5
Adwin Boogert (Caltech) 
"Tracing Protostellar Evolution with Observations of Ices"
March 12
Omar Almaini (Edinburgh) 
"Public Surveys with the UKIRT Wide Field Camera"
March 19
Alin Panaitescu (Princeton) 
"Energetics and Collimation of Gamma Ray Burst Afterglows" 
March 26
Solange Ramirez (Caltech) 
"Stellar Abundances in the Galactic Center"

February 2001:
February 5 Daniel Reichart (Caltech) 
"Gamma Ray Burst Distance Estimators"
February 12 Pieter van Dokkum (Caltech) 
"Early-Type Galaxies: Old Stars in Young Galaxies" 
February 20  Thomas Henning (Univ. of Jena) 
"Formation of Massive Stars"
February 26 Norbert Christlieb (Hamburg) 
"The Stellar Content of the Hamburg/ESO Objective-Prism Survey"

January 2001:
January 8
No talk due to the AAS meeting.
January 15
Chris Conselice (STSCI) 
"The Physical Evolution of Galaxies 0 < z < 4"
January 22
Richard Ellis (Caltech) 
"Cosmology with Supernovae: Where Next?"
January 29
Tommaso Treu (Caltech) 
"Field Early-Type Galaxies at Intermediate and High Redshift"

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