Astronomy Tea Talks at Caltech

Room 106 Robinson (Ground Floor) -- Mondays, 4:15 pm -- Tea at 4 pm

Organized by: Chris Conselice  ( 626-395-3293 / )
Carmen Sanchez-Contreras     ( 626-395- 2121 /   

2003 - 2004 Season:
September 8
Scott Ransom (McGill)
"New Globular Cluster Millisecond Pulsars using Arecibo and the GBT"
September 29
Nir Shaviv (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
"The Milky Way Dynamics, Paleoclimatology, Global Warming and the Cosmic Ray Connection"
October 6
Alison Coil (UC-Berkeley)
"Early DEEP2 Redshift Survey Results"
October 13
Ehud Nakar (Hebrew University)
"High linear polarization in the prompt emission of gamma-ray bursts"
October 27
Jean-Pierre Macquart (U. Groningen)
"Intra-day Variables"
November 3
Chris Deloye (UCSB)
"Low-Mass, Arbitrarily Degenerate White Dwarfs: Implications for Ultracompact Binaries"
November 10
Jes Jřrgensen (Leiden)
"New Insights into the Physics and Chemistry of Low-mass Protostars"
November 17
Geoff Marcy (UC-Berkeley)
"Latest Results on Extrasolar Planets"
November 24
Cathryn Trott (Melbourne)
"Constraining galactic parameters with gravitational lensing"
December 1
Vahe Gurzadyan (Yerevan Physics Inst)
"A physicist's view of stellar dynamics"
December 8
Mark Swain (JPL)
"Keck Interferometer observations of NGC 4151"
December 15
Jay Salmonson (LLNL)
"What Do Gamma-Ray Bursts Look Like? Inferring Their Structure and Morphology"
January 12
Daniel Christlein (Arizona)
"Galaxy Luminosity Functions and Beyond"
February 2
Chris O'Dea (STScI)
"HST Far Ultraviolet Observations of the Central Nebulae in Clusters of Galaxies"
February 9
Peter Capak (IfA)
"Mapping the evolution of galaxies from z=7 to the present"
February 23
Thomas Greve (University of Edinburgh)
"A CO Survey of SCUBA-galaxies"
March 1
Haojing Yan (IPAC)
"The major sources of reionization at z=6"
March 8
Jorge Melendez (Caltech)
"Chemical abundances from IR spectroscopy and Planetary host stellar parameters"
March 15
Jason Rhodes (Caltech)
"Weak Lensing with SNAP"
March 29
Michael Rich (UCLA)
"New perspectives on the bulge and halo of M31"
April 12
Boris Gaensicke (Warwick)
"The galactic population of cataclysmic variables"
May 3
Padeli Papadopoulos (ETH)
"Making stars from molecular gas: H2 formation in numerical simulations"
May 10
Poonam Chandra (TIFR)
"Giant Meterwave Radio Telescope: Tiny supernovae at large wavelengths"
May 17
Nahum Arav (Colorado)
"AGN outflow in Mrk 279"
June 3
Eric Linder (LBNL)
"Complementary Probes of Dark Energy with SNAP"

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