You are cordially invited to afternoon tea and biscuits You are cordially invited to afternoon tea and biscuits

Astronomy Tea Talks at Caltech

Mondays, Robinson 106
Tea:  4.00pm
Talk: 4.15pm

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2005 - 2006 season:
7 September 2005
Andrew Bunker (Exeter)

"Illuminating protogalaxies? Extended Lyman-alpha emission at high-z"

19 September 2005 Arne Rau (Max Planck, Garching)

"A population study of GRBs: from prompt emission and afterglows to host galaxies"

21 September 2005
Rachel Mandelbaum (Princeton)

"Science results with SDSS weak lensing"

3 October 2005 Raul Jimenez (U. Penn) CANCELLED

"Atacama Cosmology Telescope: learning about the universe from z=0 to 1100"

11 October 2005
Jenny Greene (CfA, Harvard)

"The M-sigma relation of local active galaxies"

17 October 2005 Josh Simon (CalTech)

"Dark matter in dwarf galaxies"

24 October 2005 Vahe G. Gurzadyan (University of Rome La Sapienza & Yerevan Physics Institute)

"Dark energy and the boundary conditions of the universe"

31 October 2005 No talk: Hallowe'en
7 November 2005 No talk

14 November 2005 Jesper Sommer-Larsen (Dark Cosmology Centre, Copenhagen)

"X-ray emission from disk galaxy halos, Lyman-alpha emission from forming galaxies, and 'fossil' galaxy groups"

21 November 2005 Jay Farihi (Gemini)

"Digging in the stellar graveyard"

22 November 2005
Barnaby Rowe (ROE, Edinburgh)

"Flexion: a new probe into dark matter at small scales"

28 November 2005 No talk: Thanksgiving

5 December 2005 Jane Rigby (Arizona)

"Spitzer Studies of AGN in deep surveys"

12 December 2005 Mike Boylan-Kolchin (U.C. Berkeley)

"Elliptical galaxy mergers and the evolution of massive galaxies"

23 January 2006 Scott Dahm (CalTech)

"X-ray observations of the young cluster NGC 2264"

30 January 2006  

"TMT site testing"

6 February 2006 George Djorgovski (CalTech)

"Palomar-Quest: status, plans, and exploration of the time domain"

13 February 2006 Eilat Glikman (CalTech)

"The FIRST-2MASS red quasar survey"

20 February 2006 No talk: Presidents' day
27 February 2006 Angelle Tanner (JPL)

"Detection of debris disk systems with Spitzer"

6 March 2006 Catherine Heymans (University of British Columbia)

"Are there any show-stoppers for measuring high precision cosmology with weak lensing?"

13 March 2006 Nick Law (IoA, Cambridge)

"Getting lucky: high resolution imaging in the visible from the ground"

20 March 2006 Michael Muno (UCLA)

"Chandra observations of the galactic super star cluster Westerlund 1"

27 March 2006 Ben Weiner (University of Maryland)

"Kinematics of galaxies at z~1 and evolution in the Tully-Fisher relation"

24 April 2006 Andy Gould (Ohio State University)

"Microlensing planets: cold neptunes and beyond"

1 May 2006 Zoltan Haiman (Columbia University)

"Feedback processes during reionization"

8 May 2006 Miguel Morales (MIT)

"Radio observations of the epoch of reionization"

15 May 2006 Matthew Britton (CalTech)

"Widening the scope of adaptive optics"

22 May 2006 Valeri Makarov (JPL)

"Unravelling the origins of nearby young stars"

29 May 2006 No talk: Memorial day
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