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Astronomy Tea Talks at Caltech

Mondays, Robinson 106
Tea:  4.00pm
Talk: 4.15pm

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2006 - 2007 season:
11 September 2006 Robert Quimby (University of Texas at Austin)

"Texas supernova search"

18 September 2006 Michael Cooper (U.C. Berkeley)

"DEEP2 Galaxy Redshift Survey: the role of environment in galaxy evolution from z~1 to z~0"

25 September 2006
Daniel McIntosh (University of Massachusetts)

"Building giant galaxies: when, where and how?"

2 October 2006 Jacqueline Chen (University of Chicago)

"The radial distribution of galactic satellites"

9 October 2006
Ezequiel Treister (ESO, Santiago)

"AGN evolution and the X-ray and IR backgrounds"

16 October 2006 Sean Andrews (IfA, Hawaii)

"A submillimeter view of protoplanetary disks"

23 October 2006 Dovi Poznanski (Tel-Aviv University)

"Supernova progenitors and rates from low-cost surveys with no spectroscopy"

30 October 2006 Steve Longmore (University of New South Wales)

"Uncovering the early evolutionary stages of massive star formation"

9 November 2006
Barnaby Rowe (IfA, Edinburgh)

"Weak gravitaional lensing flexion"

13 November 2006 Simona Gallerani (SISSA, Trieste)

"Cosmic reionization: progress and problems"

20 November 2006 Mark Brodwin (JPL)

"A large population of high redshift galaxy clusters"

27 November 2006 Mariska Kriek (Leiden)

"Clues on massive galaxy formation at z~2.5 from NIR spectroscopy"

4 December 2006 Brian Gerke (U.C. Berkeley)

"Galaxy groups in DEEP2: Implications for cosmic evolution"

11 December 2006 Douglas Rudd (University of Chicago)

"The influence of baryons on the non-linear power spectrum"

18 December 2006 Ivo Labbe (Carnegie)

"The formation histories and structures of massive galaxies at z > 2"

16 January 2007
Vernesa Smolcic (MPIA, Heidelberg)

"A wide angle tail radio galaxy in the COSMOS field: evidence for cluster formation"

22 January 2007 Jean-Pierre Macquart (CalTech)

"Emergence and disappearance of microarcsecond structure in the intra-day variable quasar J1819+3845"

29 January 2007 Arne Rau (CalTech)

"The optical transient sky - foreground fog and luminous red novae"

30 January 2007
Anja von der Linden (MPA, Garching)

"How special are brightest cluster galaxies?"

5 February 2007 Nissim Kanekar (NRAO)

"Do the fundamental constants change with time?"

12 February 2007 No talk
19 February 2007 Presidents' Day
26 February 2007 Mustafa Amin (Stanford)

"Cosmokinematics: testing for departures from the standard cosmology"

5 March 2007 Jeff Cooke (U.C. Irvine)

"Weighing in at high redshift: the mass of 2.5<z<5 galaxies and QSO absorbers"

12 March 2007 Jack Singal (NASA Goddard)

"The CMB absolute spectrum - science and measurement with ARCADE 2"

19 March 2007 Jin Koda (CalTech)

"Dynamically driven ISM evolution in spiral galaxies"

26 March 2007 Chirstine Chen (NOAO)

"The dust and gas around β Pictoris"

9 April 2007 Scott Schnee (CalTech)

"The ISM in Perseus"

16 April 2007 Bob Dickman (NSF astronomy)

"Testing gravity with interstellar clouds"

23 April 2007 Jonathan Pritchard (CalTech)

"Radiation backgrounds from the first sources and the redshifted 21 cm signal"

30 April 2007

No talk

7 May 2007 Joe Hennawi (U.C. Berkeley)

"Quasars probing quasars: shedding (quasar) light on high redshift galaxies"

14 May 2007 Greg Herczeg (CalTech)

"Irradiated proto-planetary discs"

21 May 2007 Marusa Bradac (Stanford)

"Dark matter and the highest redshift galaxies: measuring the invisible with gravitational lensing"

22 May 2007
Phil Marshall (U.C. Santa Barbara)

"Super-resolving tiny galaxies"

29 May 2007
Alceste Bonanos (Carnegie)

"The most massive stars in the local universe"

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