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Astronomy Tea Talks at Caltech

Mondays, Robinson 106
Tea:  4.00pm
Talk: 4.15pm

Organised by:

2007 - 2008 season:
17 September 2007 Ryan Foley (U.C. Berkeley)

"The unusual deaths of two massive stars"

21 September 2007
Brenda Frye (Dublin City University)

"The Sextets, Quintets and Duet: strongly-lensed galaxies from 3<z<5"

24 September 2007 Jean-Pierre Macquart (CalTech)

"The MicroArcsecond Scintillation-Induced Variability (MASIV) survey"

28 September 2007
Joshua Edward Barnes (IfA, Hawaii)

"Matching models to merging galaxies: lost and found in parameter space"

1 October 2007 Bruno Letarte (CalTech)

"Chemical analysis of the Fornax dwarf galaxy"

8 October 2007 Columbus Day
15 October 2007 David Rapetti (KIPAC/Stanford)

"Probing cosmology with X-ray galaxy clusters"

22 October 2007 Ali Vanderveld (JPL)

"Errors in the measured cosmological constant from local inhomogeneity"

29 October 2007 Andreas Koch (UCLA)

"New results on the abundances and kinematics in the M31 halo from 10-150 kpc"

5 November 2007 Jason Melbourne (Caltech)

"Probing the Decline of Star Formation Since z=1"

12 November 2007 Nick Law (CalTech)

"Getting lucky at Palomar: 2x HST resolution in the visible"

19 November 2007 Graham Smith (Birmingham)

"Early results from the local cluster substructure survey"

26 November 2007 Antonio Pipino (Oxford)

"Stars, gas and dust in ellipticals: the mass-metallicity relation in different galactic components"

3 December 2007 Yeng-Tin Lin (Princeton)

"Fundamental properties of cluster galaxies and their redshift evolution"

10 December 2007 Robert Quimby (Caltech)

"Big and Bright: Two Discoveries from the Texas Supernova Search"

14 January 2008 Arjen van der Wel (J. Hopkins)

"The Morphology - Density Relation and Its Evolution Revisited"

22 January 2008
Tim van Kempen (Leiden)

"The warm and dense gas of embedded low-mass protostars."

28 January 2008 Josh Winn (MIT)

"The Transits of Exoplanets"

4 February 2008 TEA-TALK CANCELLED

11 February 2008 Erik Muller (ATNF)

"High-resolution Analysis of the Molecular Component in a Nearby Early-Universe Analogue; the SMC"

19 February 2008
Andrea Isella (Caltech)

"High resolution observations of proto-planetary disks in the mm wavelength regime"

25 February 2008 Jorg-Uwe Pott (WMKO/UCLA)

"New science with Large-Aperture Infrared Interferometry: First fringes on Galactic center stars and the near future of the Keck Interferometer"

3 March 2008 Vernesa Smolcic (Caltech)

"The dust-unbiased cosmic star formation history derived from the faint radio population"

10 March 2008 Riccardo de Salvo (Caltech)

"The Physics of Interferometric Gravitational Wave Observatories"

17 March 2008 Tim Eifler (Bonn)

"Cosmological Parameters from Cosmic Shear - Impact of cosmology dependent covariances in a likelihood analysis"

24 March 2008 Ryan Hickox (Harvard)

"Obscuration and clustering of AGN in the 9 square degree Bootes survey"

27 March 2008
Shoko Jin (IoA, Cambridge)

"Dynamical distances to high-velocity clouds"

31 March 2008 TBD


7 April 2008 TBD


14 April 2008 Misty Bentz (U.C. Irvine)

"The Radius-Luminosity Relationship: New results from reverberation mapping and HST imaging"

21 April 2008 Judd Bowman (Caltech)

" 'First Light' from New 21 cm Probes of the Dark Ages and Reionization"

28 April 2008 Taft Armandroff (Keck Observatory)

"Progress and Prospects at the W. M. Keck Observatory"

5 May 2008 Joël Bergé (JPL)

"Combined analysis of weak lensing and X-ray blind surveys"

12 May 2008 Annika Peter (Caltech)

"Dynamics of WIMPs in the Solar System"

19 May 2008 Daniel Kasen (UC, Santa Cruz)

"Modeling the Transient Universe"

26 May 2008 MEMORIAL DAY : no tea talk

2 June 2008 Richard Bond (U. of Toronto & CITA)

"Constraining trajectories of dark energy inflatons"

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