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Astronomy Tea Talks at Caltech

Mondays, Hameetman auditorium (Cahill)
Tea:  4.00pm
Talk: 4.15pm

Organized by:

2009 - 2010 season:
14 September 2009 Michael Cooper (Steward Observatory)

"The Large-Scale Environments of Type Ia Supernovae"

21 September 2009 Dan Coe (Caltech / JPL)

"Cosmological Constraints from Gravitational Lens Time Delays"

28 September 2009 Elinor Medezinski (Tel Aviv)

"The Full Strength of Cluster Lensing"

5 October 2009 Simona Vegetti (Kapteyn Astronomical Institute)

"Detecting low-mass substructure via gravitational imaging"

12 October 2009 Assaf Horesh (Tel Aviv)

"New Results for Giant Arc Statistics in ~100 Clusters Observed with HST"

19 October 2009 Andreas Koch (Leicester)

"All quiet in the outer halo - Chemical abundances in dSphs and outer halo globular clusters"

26 October 2009 Mariska Kriek (Princeton)

"A Deep View on the Early Universe: Extreme Makeovers & Overweight Galaxies"

2 November 2009 Vivienne Wild (Institut d'astrophysique de Paris)

"Timing the starburst AGN-connection"

9 November 2009 Claude-André Faucher-Giguere (CfA)

"Ly-alpha Emission from Galaxy Formation"

16 November 2009 Ian Roederer (U Texas)

"Characterizing the Chemistry of the Milky Way Stellar Halo"

23 November 2009 Doron Lemze (Tel Aviv)

"Multi-wavelength Studies of Galaxy Clusters and Their Use as Cosmological Probes"

30 November 2009 Luis Reyes (U Chicago)

"Unraveling the Extragalactic Gamma-ray Sky in the Era of Fermi and VERITAS"

7 December 2009 Chanda Prescod-Weinstein (Perimeter/U Waterloo)

"Better Cosmology through Modified Gravity"

14 December 2009 Bülent Kiziltan (UCO/Lick/UCSC)

"New Constraints on Neutron Stars: A Compact Key to Unlock Galactic Mysteries"

21 December 2009 Kate Rubin (UCSC/Lick)

"The Kinematics and Geometry of Galactic Winds at z~1"

28 December 2009

--- (Winter Break)

4 January 2010


11 January 2010 Desika Narayanan (CfA)

"The Formation and Evolution of High-Redshift Submillimeter Galaxies"

18 January 2010 James Taylor (U Waterloo)

"The Suprime Survey: A Large Shear-selected Sample of Galaxy Clusters at z = 0.1-0.8"

25 January 2010 Nicolas Bouche (UC Santa Barbara)

"The impact of gas accretion on the scaling relations"

1 February 2010 Andrea Urban (JPL)

"The effect of dust-gas energetics on the star formation process"

8 February 2010 Roderik Overzier (MPA)

"Extreme Starburst Galaxies at Low and High Redshift"

15 February 2010 --- (PRESIDENT'S DAY)
22 February 2010 Joaquin Vieira (Caltech)

"Recent Results from The South Pole Telescope"

1 March 2010 Julie Comerford (UC Berkeley)

"Dual Supermassive Black Holes as Tracers of Galaxy Mergers"

8 March 2010 Jay Anderson (STScI)

"Proper Motions at the Center of Omega Cen: Evidence for an IMBH?"

15 March 2010 James Geach (Durham)

"Lyman-alpha Blobs: feedback or cooling?"

22 March 2010 Jillian Bellovary (U Washington)

"Predicting the Distribution of Massive Black Holes in the Milky Way Halo"

29 March 2010 Anna Franckowiak (U Bonn)

"Searching for transient neutrino sources with IceCube - an online neutrino observatory"

5 April 2010 ---
12 April 2010 Brendon Brewer (UC Santa Barbara)

"Modeling the Spiral Lens Galaxies of SWELLS"

19 April 2010 Soma De (U Oklahoma)

"Time dependent radiative transfer in SNe atmosphere and cosmic recombination epoch: Effect on spectra and transition probabilities in a true multilevel framework"

26 April 2010 Timothy Davis (Oxford)

"Red but not dead! - Molecular gas in early-type galaxies"

3 May 2010 Linda Strubbe (UC Berkeley)

"The Tidal Disruption of Stars by Massive Black Holes"

10 May 2010 Leonidas Moustakas (JPL)

"Strong Lensing and Dark Matter Particle Physics"

17 May 2010 Nicholas Law (U Toronto) & Christoph Baranec (Caltech)

"Robo-AO: Robotic Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics on the Palomar 60-inch in 2011"

24 May 2010 Iosif Papadakis (U Crete)

"On the X-ray variability of Type 1, radio-quiet Seyferts"

31 May 2010 --- (MEMORIAL DAY)

7 June 2010 Jared Gabor (Arizona) -- NOTE LOCATION CHANGE: Cahill 370

"Building the Red Sequence"

14 June 2010 Hyesung Kang (Pusan National University)

"Intergalactic Magnetic Field and Arrival Direction of Ultra-High-Energy Protons"

21 June 2010 Orly Gnat (Caltech)

"Non-Equilibrium Ionization Processes in Metal-Ion Absorbers"

More astronomy-related talks
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