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Astronomy Tea Talks at Caltech

Mondays, Hameetman auditorium (Cahill)
Tea:  4.00pm
Talk: 4.15pm

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2010 - 2011 season:
30 August 2010 Guillermo Blanc (UT Austin)

'Studying Star Formation with Integral Field Spectroscopy: From Nearby Spiral Galaxies to High Redshift Lyman Alpha Emitters'

7 September 2010 (Tuesday Talk due to Labor Day) Subo Dong (IAS)

'Microlensing: Marching Toward a Complete Census of Cold Exoplanet Population'

13 September 2010

20 September 2010 Donghui Jeong (CIT)

'Search for the local type primordial non-Gaussianity from Large Scale Structure'

27 September 2010 John Moustakas (UCSD)

'Evolution of the Galaxy Stellar Mass Function and Mass-Metallicity Relation Since z=1'

4 October 2010 Mathew Payne (Florida)

'The Formation of Retrograde Planetary Orbits'

11 October 2010 Ji-Hoon Kim (Stanford)

'Galaxy Formation with Self-consistently Modeled Stars and Massive Black Holes: Towards An Unabridged Understanding of Their Coevolution'

18 October 2010 Kirsten Howley (UCSC)

'Darwin Tames an Andromeda Dwarf: Unraveling the Orbit of NGC 205 Using a Genetic Algorithm'

25 October 2010 Multiple

1 November 2010 Linda Watson (OSU)

'Testing the Star Formation Law in Bulgeless Disk Galaxies'

8 November 2010 Brandon Kelly (Harvard CfA)

' Constraints on Black Hole Growth, Quasar Lifetimes, and Eddington Ratio Distributions from the SDSS Broad Line Quasar Black Hole Mass Function'

15 November 2010 Gurtina Besla (Harvard CfA)

'Simulations of the Magellanic Stream in a First Infall Scenario'

22 November 2010 Eric Cady (JPL)

'External occulters for direct imaging of extrasolar planets'

29 November 2010 Stephanie Juneau (Arizona)

'Linking Starbursts, Major Mergers, and Absorbed AGNs at Redshift~0.7'

6 December 2010 Philip Muirhead (Cornell)

'Precise Near-Infrared Radial Velocities with the TripleSpec Exoplanet Discovery Instrument (TEDI)'

13 December 2010 Javiera Guedes (UCSC)

'Massive Black Hole Recoil'

--- (Winter Break)

27 December 2010 ---

10 January 2011

17 January 2011 MLK Day

24 January 2011 Ran Wang

'Millimeter Study of Quasar-Host Galaxy Evolution at z~6'

31 January 2011 Katherine Kornei (UCLA)

The Prevalence and Properties of Outflowing Winds at z = 1

7 February 2011 David Atlee (OSU)

The AGN-Starburst Connection in Low Redshift Galaxy Clusters from Multiwavelength Data

14 February 2011 Dan Marrone (UA)

Patterns in the Dark: Understanding Galaxy Clusters and the SZ Effect

28 February 2011 Mark Ammons (Arizona)

New Insights into the Use of Cosmic Telescopes and the Role of AGN Feedback in Galaxy Formation

7 March 2011 Graca Rocha (JPL)

Early Astrophysics Results from Planck

14 March 2011 Lucianne Walkowicz (UC Berkeley)

'Stellar Activity with Kepler: Understanding the Lighting on the Stage of Habitability'

21 March 2011 David Sand (LCOGT)

'Supernovae in galaxy clusters with the Multi-Epoch Nearby Cluster Survey'

28 March 2011 Nairn Baliber (CIT)

'Pre-Main Sequence Stellar Rotation and Star-Disk Interaction'

4 April 2011 Mike Kuhlen (UC Berkeley)

'Solving the dwarf galaxy problem with H2-regulated star formation'

11 April 2011 Stephen Padin (Caltech)

'How to build CCAT'

18 April 2011 Justin Crepp (CIT)

'Ground-based Exoplanet Imaging: New Science Programs and the Prospects for Discovery'

25 April 2011 Shri Kulkarni (CIT)
2 May 2011 Peter Capak (IPAC)

'Large Scale Structure and Extreme Star formation at z>4'

9 May 2011 Matt Bradford (JPL)

16 May 2011 Steve Furlanetto (UCLA)

'The Reionization of Intergalactic Helium'

23 May 2011 Olivier Dore (JPL)

Planck Early Measurements of the Cosmic Infrared Background Anisotropies

6 June 2011 Rik Williams (OCIW)

'Transformations in elliptical galaxies from z=2 to the present'

13 June 2011 Tom Crawford (Chicago)

'The South Pole Telescope: Past, Present, and Future'

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