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Updated November 23, 2004

January 3: Randy Geels family tour
January 7: Juan Carrasco obituary to Robert Tindol
January 10: Bob Kline meeting (Russell Porter 200-inch model restoration)
January 14: John Miller (Princeton) tour 200-inch, 18-inch, 48-inch, 60-inch
January 15: Caltech meetings (Dekaney, Todd Mason on possible LGS animation)
January 17: Biola University Tour
January 21: Hillcrest Academy Tour
January 24: Eric Green family tour

various dates: New content & WIRC images added to Palomar website

February 5: Caltech Astronomy Club - evening tour of 200-inch
February 6: talk on current research at Palomar Observatory at the San Diego Astronomy Association's Annual Banquet
February 11: Travel Reporter at 200-inch
February 12: 5 new Palomar's Greatest Hits panels installed in Visitors Center
February 18: Samuel Oschin Telescope - new letters installed on dome
February 21: Unit Troy NJROTC tour

Various dates: More images, content & downloadable desktop wallpaper added to Palomar website.

March 1: talk on Current Research at Palomar Observatory to Temecula Valley Astronomers
March 2: BBC Radio w/Dr. Ellis - cancelled due to snow. Re-scheduled for Caltech.
March 6: Presentation to Kipp Adelante Prep Academy in San Diego
March 10: Caltech
March 12: Law Enforcement Day @ Palomar!
March 13: Kipp Adelante Prep Academy tour x 2
March 15: Mike Brown Press Sedna Release - interview w/KPBS radio
March 15: Reporter from North County Times newspaper @ 200-inch
March 17: Reg Wilson (IDA Australia) tour
March 20: Saturday tours x 4
March 24: Hubble ViewSpace installed (cd version) in Museum
March 27: Temecula Valley HS tour

April 3: Palomar Mountain Planning Organization meeting
April 14: Caltech - Friends of Beckman meeting
April 15: reporter at Palomar?
April 17: Girl Scout tour
April 21 - 27: Hawaii/Keck/Astro Day

May 1: Fleet Tour / 60-inch observing
May 6: Comet NEAT closest to Earth
May 7 - 8: National Geographic photo shoot of PTI
May 8: Saturday tours (Palomar Community College, Caltech AY1, Girl Scouts)
May 11 - 12: National Geogrphic photo shoot of Charbonneau's scopes
May 13: Off-site Palomar talk to Casa de las Campanas seniors group
May 15: Saturday tours
May 15: Comet NEAT perihelion
May 21: Caltech Friends of Beckman tour
May 22: Museum of Science & Industry (Chicago) tour
May 22: Explore the Stars tour
May 24 - 28: Jury Duty!

June 5: Saturday tours
June 12: Saturday tours
June 19: Saturday tours
June 26: Coastline Community College tour
June 30: Caltech students @ 200-inch (evening)

July 3: Fleet Tour / 60-inch observing
July 7: Canadian boys choir tour
July 10: Saturday tours
July 12: Joe Vargo Press-Enterprise AO interview
July 15-27 Vacation-20th Wedding Anniversary!
July 29: JPL SURF student tour 200-inch & PTI
July 30: "What's Up" Documentary shoot
July 31: University of Redlands Tour

August 2: Caltech - FPO meeting
August 3: COSMOS tour
August 4: JPL Faculty Fellows tour 200-inch & PTI
August 6: Projector installation in Museum
August 7: Tucson!
August 10: Caltech - Swinburne 3D demonstrations
August 11: GRB display added to Visitors Center
August 14: Saturday tours
August 16: touch screen solar system display and spectra exhibit added to Visitors Center
August 21: Saturday tours
August 24: Dennis Mammana - nighttime photography at Palomar
August 28: Fleet Tour / 60-inch observing

September 1: Oceanside City Council Meeting (outdoor lighting)
September 2: Reporter at Sleuth (evening)
September 9: History Channel documentary film crew at 18" & 48" (noon - evening)
September 18: Saturday tours
September 18: SD Science Writers hosted at 200-inch (evening)
September 22: SD IDA board meeting 5:30 pm
September 24: HPWREN Meeting
September 25: Fleet Tour / 60-observing
September 26: 60-inch staff night! 7 - 10 pm
September 27 - October 1: 200-inch AO engineering

October 8: John Aufderheide (videographer)
October 9: PMPO meeting, Explore the Stars talk @ Observatory Campground (cancelled)
October 10: Djorgovski students tour
October 16: Saturday tours
October 20: San Diego IDA meeting
October 22: E/PO grant text to Judy Cohen
October 23: Saturday tours
October 24: AO LGS!
October 26: Hillcrest Academy / Doug Arion (Yerkes) tours
October 27: Total lunar eclipse, eclipse radio interview
October 28: Charlie Bleau tour

November 1: Graham Smith tour - afternoon/evening
November 3: La Jolla Country Day School tour
November 5: LGS Press Release out (finally) / E/PO grant text out to Lynne Hillenbrand
November 10: meeting with production company
November 16: Docent meeting
November 18: Trabuco Hills High School tour
November 19: Docent meeting
November 19: caltech Astronomy Club @ 200-inch (evening)
November 20: Docent meeting & Saturday tours
November 22: Oceanside Photo & Telescope - outreach solar telescope
November 23: Reporter at 200-inch (evening)

December 1: Caltech - Dekany Meeting
December 10: Palomar X-mas party
December 11: Saturday tours
December 15: Jefferson High School tour
December 18: Docent meeting

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