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Palomar Self Portraits:

  • Reflected by the 200-inch mirror
  • Standing on the inside catwalk with the 200-inch Hale behind me.
  • My reflection off of the newly re-coated Samuel Oschin Telescope's 72-inch primary mirror
  • Illuminated by moonlight, standing in front of the Hale Telescope's open dome

  • My Palomar Collection - (under construction)


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    Current Moon phase:

    I am available as a speaker to astronomy clubs, and civic groups on the topics of Light Pollution, Current Research at Palomar Observatory and   The History of the Palomar Observatory.

    Contact Information:

    W. Scott Kardel
    Telephone: (760) 742-2111
    Fax: (760) 742-1728

    Snail Mail:
    Palomar Observatory
    P.O. Box 200
    Palomar Mountain, CA 92060-0200

    Updated March 1, 2008