I obtained my PhD degree from California Institute of Technology in June 2016. Currently I am working as an intern in CloudBrain in Mountain View, CA. My job is to develop and implement new machine learning algorithms for a merchant recommendation system. In October 2016, I will start my postdoc fellowship in the eScience Institute at University of Washington, Seattle.

Under the supervision of Professor S. R. Kulkarni in Astronomy Department of Caltech, I worked on the intermediate Palomar Transient Factory (iPTF) project. My thesis title is Cosmic Explosions: Observations Of Infant Hydrogen-Free Supernovae Towards An Understanding Of Their Parent Systems. A copy of my thesis can be found here.

My research interests are two-fold. I search for supernovae within a day of their explosions in iPTF, characterize their nature with multi-wavelength follow-up observations. I look for clues to their progenitors, such as shock breakout of a core-collapse supernova and supernova-companion interaction in a Type Ia supernova. In order to catch young supernovae, my colleagues and I developed a fast-turnaround real-time image subtraction pipeline and are carrying out high-cadence time-domain surveys. The experience of developing and maintaining this pipeline motivates me to develop faster and more efficient software for astronomical surveys with large-scale data. See my research page for more information.

I have published eight first-author papers on Nature, ApJ and MNRAS and co-authored 24+ other refereed papers (see my publication page). I also served as referee for ApJ, MNRAS, PASJ and JAAVSO.

In my spare time, I am always excited about exploring new places. Astronomy gives me opportunities to travel all over the world. The map below records my footprints.