Ay 123 Syllabus, Fall 2013

The syllabus is subject to minor changes, so we may not cover material at exactly the listed times.

HKT = Hansen, Kawaler, & Trimble
KWW = Kippenhahn & Weigert

Topics Reading
Week 1 Overview of stellar properties and evolution, equation of hydrostatic equilibrium, virial theorem, timescales. HKT Chapters 1-2
KWW Chapters 1-4
Chapters 3 and 5 in Binney and Merrifield's Galactic Astronomy may also be useful.
Week 2 Introduction to basic equations of stellar structure, polytropes and homology relations, radiative and conductive heat transport, opacities and energy generation. HKT Chapters 4, 5
KWW Chapters 5,7,17,19.
Week 3 Physics of stellar matter: equations of state, thermodynamic properties. HKT Chapter 3
KWW Chapters 13-16
Week 4 Nuclear reactions, atomic and isotopic abundances. HKT Chapter 6
KWW Chapter 18
Week 5 Helio and asteroseismology, radial pulsations, instability strip, diffusion. HKT Chapter 8
KWW Chapters 29, 31
Week 6 Advanced stages of nucleosynthesis, construction of stellar models, numerical methods, the role of boundary conditions, star formation, pre-main sequence stars. Clayton Chapter 7
HKT Chapter 7
KWW Chapters 10-12, 28
Week 7 Structure and evolution of low-mass stars, and applications, stellar atmospheres. HKT Chapter 9
KWW Chapters 30-33
Week 8 Structure and evolution of high-mass stars, supernovae, neutron stars. HKT Chapter 9
KWW Chapters 34-36
Week 9 Line formation, spectral analysis, stellar rotation. Gray Chapters 11, 13, 15-18
Week 10 If time remains, topics to be selected from:
The first stars in the Universe, hypernovae and other rare events, stellar magnetism.

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