As it turns out, a good fraction of science is computer programming and scripting. Some of my scientific software is posted online here for public use. Most of the IDL code is designed to work with the rest of my personal code library; it may be easiest to download the entire directory tree (given as a tarball below) although the top-level programs are highlighted. This is not updated frequently. A "stand-alone" tarball is also made available for the latest release version of my LRIS pipeline (updated somewhat more frequently). The non-IDL codes do not have dependencies. Availability of documentation is highly variable, ranging from very comprehensive to completely nonexistent.

Entire IDL tarball

Astronomical image processing/analysis:

Autoastrometry Fully automated Python astrometry solver
pzap Cosmic ray remover for imaging
pzapspec Cosmic ray remover for spectroscopy
autophot Extremely easy but sophisticated one-line photometry

Data Reduction Pipelines:

LPipe LRIS automated reduction pipeline
qgemspec GMOS-N/S spectrum reduction pipeline
niriscript Deep NIRI imaging pipeline script writer (produces an IRAF script)


buildgalaxy Population-synthesis galaxy SED fitting routine
lcurve GRB light curve fitter/plotter (Test files)
lext GRB SED extinction fitter/plotter

Simple fits catalog writers:

fitscat Catalog for any FITS image
lriscat Catalog LRIS data
gmoscat Catalog GMOS data
niricat Catalog NIRI data


Megaplot (IDL plotting wrapper, particularly useful for log-log plots with error bars. Also requires symplot.)

Astrophysical Simulators (from 1999-2007):

Gravity Tutorial

Solar System Motion Simulator v2.0

Solar System Motion Simulator v1.0

Intergalactic Gravitational Motion Simulator v3.2

Intergalactic Gravitational Motion Simulator v2.2