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Class times: Tue & Thu 1 - 2:30 pm, in 219 Cahill

Class summary, syllabus, grading, collaboration policy, texts, etc.

All students are required to register for this class at the Coursera website, where a lot of the class materials will be posted, on the Chapter pages.

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Lecture 1: FRW models; Friedmann equation; redshift and scale factor

Lecture 2: Distance scale, Hubble constant, ages

Lecture 3: Radiation-dominated era; primordial nucleosynthesis

Lecture 4: Transition to matter dominated era; recombination era; the first chemistry

Lecture 5: Cosmological tests; the contents of the universe

Lectures 6 and 8: Introduction to Perturbations Lecture 7: Large scale structure and peculiar velocities Lecture 9: Evolution of clustering; bias; clusters of galaxies Lecture 10: Systematics of galaxy properties and scaling relations Lecture 11: Galaxy evolution and the history of star formation in the universe Lecture 12: IGM and gravitational lensing Lecture 13: AGN: their phenomenology, physics, and evolution Lecture 14: Galaxy formation, the first stars and quasars, reionization Lectures 15 and 16: CMB anisotropies Lecture 17: CMB polarization

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