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Instructors: TA:

Class times: Tue & Thu, 1-2:30 pm, 219 Cahill

Class summary, syllabus, grading, collaboration policy, texts, etc.

Homeworks & Exams:


  • Lecture 1: FRW models, Friedmann equation, redshift and scale factor
  • Lecture 2: Cosmological distance scale
  • Lecture 3: Cosmological tests
  • Lecture 4: The Contents of the Universe
  • Lecture 5: The Early Universe
  • Lectures 6-8: CMB
  • Lectures 9-10: Structure Formation
  • Lectures 11-12: Large Scale Structure

    Other useful stuff. Please let us know if you find some additional useful links.

    CosmoCalc by Ned Wright * Advanced version * Time converting * A. Robotham's CosmoCalc

    "Distance measures in cosmology" by D. Hogg

    Various lecture notes and review papers:

    Some additional readings that you may find interesting:

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