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Astronomers at Caltech are keen on communicating the wonders of astronomy to you! We are engaged with several programs with local schools (PUSD and LAUSD), and we organize astronomy-themed events for the Caltech and Pasadena communities (please see the right sidebar for recent and upcoming events). You can keep updated on current and future outreach events by following our Twitter feed, or you can send us requests or suggestions via email at outreach [at]

If you have questions about astronomy in general, we suggest sending them to Ask an Astronomer. We also have several telescopes in the Cahill Rooftop Observatory that are available for all members of the Caltech and JPL family.

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The web is a treasure trove of astronomy information. Here are a few of our favorite sites to get you started!

General astronomy:

Science: for those interested in keeping up with the latest research in Astronomy and Astrophyics.


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