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Cahill Conference Rooms

Cahill Room # Phone Extension Capacity Group/Contact to reserve room Priority Usage Comments
Cahill Patio G Patel (x4169) Outdoor gathering place If your event requires the use of a tent, be sure to use adequate supports as several pavers have cracked under the pressure of tent poles.
Hameetman Auditorium 149 G Patel (x4169) Large Classes, Colloquium, Seminars
126 x8884 14 COO/Linda Donnelly (x4003)
204 x8869 14 SRL/D Miles (x6611)
211 x3482 10 Radio Astronomy/G Patel (x4169) Backup for Astronomy classes, Confidential Meetings
219 x3494 16 Astronomy/G Patel (x4169) Astronomy classes This is primarily for astronomy classes. No advance booking for this room.
273 x3711 22 SRL/D Miles (x6611) Space Astrophysics Meetings
304 x3711 20 Astronomy/ObsCos G Patel (x4169)
312 x3782 18 TAPIR/JoAnn Boyd (x4280) Confidential meetings
319 Informal Seating TAPIR/JoAnn Boyd (x4280) TAPIR Group Interaction Room This is the TAPIR "lab"; recurring non-TAPIR bookings will be denied.
370 x3789 28 Astronomy/G Patel (x4169) Internal Observatory or large collab meetings