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Cahill Conference Rooms

Cahill Room # Phone Extension Capacity Group/Contact to reserve room Priority Usage Comments
Cahill Patio Denise Lu (x1392) Outdoor gathering place
Hameetman Auditorium 149 G Patel (x4169) Large Classes, Colloquium, Seminars
126 x8884 14 COO/Lesly Nunez (x3911)
204 x8869 14 SRL/D Miles (x6611)
211 x3482 10 Radio Astronomy/G Patel (x4169) Backup for Astronomy classes, Confidential Meetings
219 x3494 16 Belen Maria (x4336) Astronomy classes This is primarily for astronomy classes. No advance booking for this room.
273 x3711 22 SRL/D Miles (x6611) Space Astrophysics Meetings
304 x3711 20 Astronomy/ObsCos G Patel (x4169) Zoom station
312 x3782 18 TAPIR/JoAnn Boyd (x4280) Confidential meetings Zoom station
319 Informal Seating TAPIR/JoAnn Boyd (x4280) TAPIR Group Interaction Room This is the TAPIR "lab"; recurring non-TAPIR bookings will be denied.
370 x3789 28 Astronomy/G Patel (x4169) Internal Observatory or large collab meetings Zoom station