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Ay 122 abc
Astronomical Measurements and Instrumentation
9 units (3-0-6)  | first, second terms
Prerequisites: Ph 106 bc or equivalent.

Measurement and signal analysis techniques throughout the electromagnetic spectrum. Courses may include lab work and field trips to Caltech observatories. Ay 122 a concentrates on infrared, optical, and ultraviolet techniques: telescopes, optics, detectors, photometry, spectroscopy, active/adaptive optics, coronography. Imaging devices and image processing. Ay 122 b concentrates on radio through submillimeter techniques: antennae, receivers, mixers, and amplifiers. Interferometers and aperture synthesis arrays. Signal analysis techniques and probability and statistics, as relevant to astronomical measurement. Ay 122 c concentrates on X-ray through gamma-ray techniques. Ay 122 b not offered 2022-23

Instructors: Howard, Steidel, Ravi