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Ay 78 abc
Senior Thesis
9 units 
Prerequisites: To register, student must obtain approval of the astronomy option representative and the prospective thesis adviser.

Previous SURF or independent study work can be useful experience. Course open to senior astronomy majors only. Research must be supervised by a faculty member. Students wishing assistance in finding an adviser and/or a topic for a senior thesis are invited to consult with the astronomy option representative. The student will work with an adviser to formulate a research project, conduct original research, present new results, and evaluate them in the context of previously published work in the field. In the first term, the student should be fully engaged in, and make significant progress on, the research project. In the second term, the research continues and an outline of the thesis itself should be reviewed with the adviser and the option representative. In the third term, research work is completed and the focus should turn to thesis writing. A written thesis of 20-100 pages must be completed and approved by the adviser and the option representative before the end of third term. The student and advisor should maintain good communication regarding the scope, content, draft due dates, and final copy of the thesis. First two terms are graded pass/fail, with grades updated at the end of the course to the appropriate letter grade for all three terms.

Instructor: Staff